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30 May 2016
planning the construction of the children's house, you need to consider its size and label location.In the house it should be really.There should be a door, in which a child could enter a full-length windows and porch.The windows can be glazed, but the cover of a special film, so that they are absolutely safe.Provision should be made, and the interior of the house that the children were comfortable playing .or wait out bad weather.On windows you can hang the curtains, add additional doors and build a fence around the outside of the fence.It all depends on your imagination and possibilities.The most economical option - a house that, when the children grow up, can be adapted for a conventional canopy.

On ris.izobrazhen playhouse, firmly standing on stilts, filled with concrete.It will be a wonderful addition to the playground, it can be installed as an independent building in a cozy corner of the garden.The advantage of this design is the fact that this structure does not require perfectly smooth base.You
can even build on the slope.For this it is necessary to place vertical columns and put on them a label floor and roof strictly in a horizontal plane.No matter what size will playhouse, its walls must have a firm foundation in order to withstand all the loads associated with its purpose.Poles need to bury at least 20 cm, and for better stability in the lower hole rolled in cardboard tube with the top of the concrete pouring was raised above the ground.

stilt house

If your location is too frosty winter, then dig in poles must be much deeper.

House, whose scheme is shown in the following figure on the best mounted on a monolithic foundation slab.First you have to remove the layer of soil and vegetation before pouring the concrete compacted earth.If the ground is uneven and needs to pour, it is necessary to do backing, the thickness of the rubble of the substrate must be at least 10 cm. This is used as butovochny stone, gravel, sand and broken brick.All this before pouring the concrete should be well compacted.Then install the perimeter foundation shuttering, as which may serve four boards required length and width of 75-100 mm.Formwork raskreplyayut scored on the outer perimeter of the pegs.Concrete prepared in a ratio of 1: 2: 3 (cement, sand, gravel).Stack it evenly, carefully exactly top surface and achieving a horizontal platform.Horizontal check common building level.Building a house starts with the device boardwalk, which will serve as the floor.For this purpose, flat board size 75x25 mm plywood plank thickness of 20 mm or chipboard.Each wall of the house to be produced in the form of a wooden frame with the required number of openings for doors and windows.As usual in this house windows are not installed, the only two openings, that there are no drafts.If it is possible to install windows unbreakable transparent plastic, the number of windows can be increased.The frame is made on the thorns, fastening their pegs (wooden nail in the cross thorn holes).The thickness of the bars is not very important, because the load on the house are usually small.It is best if the section of the bars will be within 50-70x30 mm.From billboards up frame house, bonding with each other angle bars nails or screws.In addition, the panel firmly nailed to the floor.For inner cladding can be used drywall, plywood or thick cladding boards 100x20 mm.For outdoor decoration house can also be used cladding boards.


For the manufacture of the roof rafters of the roof is collected in a triangle, and connect to the ridge of the vpoldereva.To give the triangle stiffness in his top sometimes install additional cross-linking resulting in a farm.Scrapie rafters with a frame is possible by means of common seating area, and each other - longitudinal girders, as which can serve as ordinary boards or sticks of the same thickness.

Roof structure: 1 - bearing wooden structures;2 - support column;3 - roofing plywood;4 - roof ridge

The figure below shows a house-tent in which children can spend playing outdoors and at the same time to hide from the rain.This design consists of a wooden hut on a wooden platform, bonded beams, and a flagpole.For a device of such a house foundations do not necessarily enough to pour a layer of gravel.


can recommend to build young Indians wigwam wicker.To this end, in early spring, when the sap flow begins, cut into long willow twigs.Then fresh cut rods about 2 m long associated at one end into a beam.Stepping 10-12 cm from the ends of the wire braid and weave thin twigs so as to obtain a domed structure.Connect the bars can be a natural fiber or sisal cord.Then connect the two edges of the rod to the structure.Inserted into the ground support.Thin rods woven horizontally as spacers.This lodge is very delight your children.

site with a sports bias

for physical development of children in the playground, it is desirable to provide sports equipment.You can restrict the basketball stand or simply a shield with a ring attached to the wall of the house;device for climbing or pulling, and you can build a whole gymnastic and sports playgrounds.The main thing in the design and selection of equipment to consider that reasonable dosage risk of developing physical skill, courage and resourcefulness in your kids.

for development they hit the target, you can arrange for archery with suction devices for arrows.This target can be hung on the wall or fence.And for the development of the equilibrium can be provided a log.His set at the height of the land corresponding to the child's age.For this purpose, use simple slabs, which after careful finishing stained and placed on a metal foot.Children are happy to use them to "riding", walking and sitting.

easiest by sports equipment for the development of strength and agility older children - the rope.It can be bound to a solid high branch of a tree, or hang on the bar sports a mini-complex.To support the arms and legs every 60 cm is possible to tie knots.

Sports Complex mini

basis of the complex is a mini-bar frame section 50x125 mm and a length of 3 m. Between the boards are fastened with screws, then set into the prepared hole and pour concrete.The height of this complex may vary depending upon the age of the children.The complex consists of rings, rope and rope ladder.Rope should be selected strong synthetic or hemp ropes and their thickness should be such that a brush child could freely cover the entire diameter.Rope or hemp rope especially carefully inspect that there is no visible breaks in the strands and subjected to mechanical testing.The load during the test must be 25% greater than the maximum possible load.When tying knots need to ensure their reliability.

to manufacture rope ladder requires strong ropes and wooden beams 300 mm long and 50 mm thick.Drill holes in the wooden bars at a distance of 25 mm from both ends.Pass the rope into each hole, loosely tie bottom.Continue to pass through and tie a rope so that the distance between rungs is 225 mm.Secure all elements should be on solid metal hooks mounted in through holes.If the hooks are attached by means of threaded connections, then you need to provide their ability to samoraskruchivaniyu.The danger of self-unwinding locknuts eliminate threaded connections or pin.

Fragment of sports games Kompeks

abundant element gymnastic complexes - wall bars, made in the form of a ladder with round steps (see. Fig.).To this end, the side bars drill holes from the inside for round bars of flat bars without knots.For bars should choose dense and durable wood species.Considered more reliable crossbar made of galvanized or stainless steel pipes.To the bar did not jump from their nests, holes should not be through, and their depth - the same.Collect the wall in this sequence: a bar is placed on a horizontal flat surface, the inner face upward.On the glue in his nest all set the bar, guiding them loose ends vertically.Then, begin to insert alternate rungs in another bar, starting from the bottom.To do this, set the bar at a slight angle, insert the crossbar on the first half of the depth of the hole and the hole is directed to the second end of the bar, tapping the bar with a hammer.Thus, lowering the upper end of the bar, the wall is totally collected.Closing all the walls and the ground and the upper bracket must be made with safety.

Most sports elements combined with the game, so you can complement complexes swings, stairs, paths for biking and sandbox.The number of sports and gaming shells may be different, but do not overload the children's area is, because children need and space.Therefore, if you are building a sports complex, it is better if it will be L-shaped, which can always be converted into another, adding on each side of the additional elements.It should be remembered that all the wooden elements of the children's playground and sports equipment varnish or paint.

The figure shows the playground, on which the wall bars and swings.In the central part there is a sandpit with tables and makeshift bench of sawn timber.From the wind and the scorching sun pad protects the trellis with climbing plants - morning glory, sweet peas and nasturtiums.