House and Studio of the profiled bar

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29 May 2016

build a house 4x3 with a large veranda, which would have served as the working space, Max226 dreamed for a long time.Originally, he had planned a large canopy, and even poured the foundation under it 4h9,6 meters.However, having studied the compass rose at the site realized that the pent roof is not necessary.Shaped beam 200h230 purchased and hired a team.

Product advantages: lower cost compared to laminated veneer lumber and other materials;low shrinkage houses - from 3 to 5%;the use of solid wood without glue;the construction of the profiled beam does not need an internal or external decoration.

assembly facilities

Complied with all the preparatory work and began to build.Just prior to that all the wood was treated with antiseptic.Establish a rack, completed the top harness, put the wall.

inserted into the openings bars installed floor joists and roof do.Truss system, which was collected on the spot, consists of prefabricated trusses.Winter, generous in the snow and other surprises, clea

rly gave to know what eaves are not worth saving, especially when built of wood.Therefore, they made 85 cm.

While working on the roof of the master wane found in the rafters.Max226 notes that the defective board must not be installed in the operating structure.If you hired a construction crew, it is necessary to monitor what material is used.

made a remark about the wane, the owner gladly noted that his wishes were taken into consideration: the problem promptly removed, after which the workers completed the crate and pulled out dyuymovka temporary tent.Mostly sticking between the crowns cut insulation on all surfaces of the removed snow, lay a plywood roof.

Max226 And then thought about another question: how to use a floor covering in the open gazebo.Having examined the views of members of the forum, he stopped on a dry planed board 200 mm.

Fighting cracking timber

occur on the Sun has added new challenges: on the south side of the cracked beam due to rapid loss of moisture.

The house from profiled timber often cracks.The problem of cracks requires urgent solutions: paving specialized polymer material.

To reduce cracking beams, forumchanin hung up on this side of the awning cloth so that the fa├žade could be aired.Most of the ends of the treated hot-melt adhesive based on PVA for wrapping wooden surfaces: after drying it is almost completely absorbed and become transparent.South side missed two coats, the first ends of the spray moistened with water.After two and a half months Max226 noted that crack was not enough.

conclusions drawn forumchanin: it is necessary to close the ends as soon as possible after assembly of the framework.He caught himself too late - a month after the assembly when the first cracks have already appeared.Completely free of cracks can not do, but if you protect the ends, they will be much less.


workers sanded ends, finished the roof.The owner brought Block Houses.To sew up the gables of mold, fungus, bad weather and bugs, I decided to first treat the entire protective structure truss system.Then began to Hide: processing 40th grain landlord was unhappy, so it is only required to process the places that need a thorough sanding, ie,with injuries and defects, grind the rest of the 80-Coy and in prominent places to walk 120 Coy.

Further work

House of shaped timber painted two coats of a golden color, close to the natural one, which took about 10 liters of paint.Pergola - in a single layer of quick-elastic composition for the exterior.Brought into electricity, insulate the floor by 50 mm: put mineral wool and extruded polystyrene on top - a vapor barrier and faneru15 mm.Otmostku filled, brought the car lands and planted lawn around the gazebo.

then lay decking of larch, pre-coated with oil for terraced boards.They are attached to the "key" - fixings for terraced floors.After Max226 professional installers had to rearrange the door and window.Connected electricity installed the electrical panel, hung lights.In the future, the owner is considering partial glaze veranda - even with rather big eaves slanting rain poured her.

Construction spending

  • foundation tape 10x4 meters wide - about 50,000 rubles .;
  • set timber board on the roof and build a log house - 150 thousand rubles .;
  • roof assembly - 35000 rub .;
  • polishing, painting, flooring soft roof and floors, Rooms' gables, installation of windows and doors - not less than 100,000 rubles.

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