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29 May 2016

Before you start a conversation about the construction and improvement of terrace , try to understand the terminology.Many people confuse the concept of "terrace" and "porch".The terrace can be called an open area, flooring of any material.Terrace can be fenced, carport or a roof.Sheltered terrace, an architectural extension of the house, called the veranda.

terrace And if not a terrace adjacent to the house, and made in the garden or around the pool and closed with several sides, it's a gazebo.As you can see, these buildings are one and the same - flooring made on some basis.The only difference with respect to the location of the house and the degree of closeness.Porch your home or outdoor playground ladder can also be called a terrace.

Terrace can be built in the structural integrity of the house, or exist as a separate annex.Of course, if you settle in just bought land, it is possible to begin designing the house that already has a terrace.In this case, the terrace will be standing on the same foundati

on with the house will not have to make additional sheds and racks for the construction of a roof over the terrace.All construction will be reliable and durable.

But even if the house is already built, can be built around a terrace on a separate foundation (usually for the purpose erected pier foundation).

Terrace can be made of different materials : brick, wood, stone, ceramic tiles.Wooden terraces are the most common - they demand and lower cash costs, and less effort and work goes into their construction.Wooden flooring is more secure, it must be considered especially if the family has small children.

When designing terraces , keep in mind that it is an open space, even with the presence of protective fences terrace rains may pour flooring.Therefore, the board from which the cover, is usually not forced tightly to each other, leave a gap of 1 - 2 mm.Under the floor of the terrace must be arranged drainage deducing the moisture outside the house.The space under the floor of the terrace is left open for better ventilation.

course, "the most common" does not mean "the only possible".Designers believe that wood flooring is as 'country-style' is more appropriate modern cottage terrace, tiled, or combined coating, combining, for example, natural stone and clinker brick.

It is also necessary to comply with the safety requirements : install the fence is necessary if the height of the deck of a meter or more.If the flooring is low, fences protect from the wind, the views of neighbors and play a decorative role.

Fences on the terrace can be varied - from the lattice of thin twigs overgrown plants to forged steel fences with exotic flowers and birds.

Terrace and can be decorated by plants .Around the terrace you can make floral border, such as small groups of roses of different varieties.If you want to feel more protected from prying eyes while relaxing terrace, then your goal is to plant shrubs in combination with perennials or pergola, densely overgrown with vines.

Very decorate any kadochnye terrace plants.They can be used to update the decor of your garden as often as you want to.

veranda furniture is better to buy a special garden.After a terrace - it's still an open structure.Normal home furniture will not be protected even if there is a terrace on the roof.If you often relax on the terrace every day and arrange family dinners in the open air, on the terrace must be furnished of durable materials are not afraid of bad weather.If the terrace is rarely used for "get-togethers", it is better to have a set of plastic or folding furniture.

Organize the terrace of his house, and she is sure to become your favorite place to relax on a fine summer day.