Roof Garden

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016

Roof Garden addition to the usual safety features flat roof can serve as an extension of your garden area suburban area increases, new opportunities and space for imagination.

Roofs, which are used as gardens, called "exploited".When designing a roof should be taken into account that the load on it is more than an ordinary roof, make sure that the plants are planted there, were provided with the right amount of moisture to the roof of a people can safely walk.Operated roof can be converted into a full sitting area.

This garden can be planted plants with horizontal root system, lawns and flowers, even dwarf trees.On the roof can be operated to arrange canopies, an easy place garden furniture.

The advantages of such a roof can be attributed to its high sound insulation properties, soil, located on the roof, protects against overheating from excessive heat and

Such a small garden can be arranged even in the traditional area of ​​the house - 600x600 cm. It is also possible to combine one roofhouse, garage, shed -

useful area increases, expanding possibilities for the arrangement of additional recreational areas.In the design of the roof can provide access to the roof from the second floor of the house.

Of course, we should not forget about security.Operated roof have to be enclosed by a reliable barrier.If this fence is decorated with climbing plants, it will create additional protection from the wind.

At arrangement operated roofing using modern bitumen-polymer roofing materials based on basalt wool.These materials are flame-retardant, lightweight, have a low thermal conductivity.Because of these properties improved security of the building and does not increase the load on the supporting structures.

Roof "pie" may consist of the following components: reinforced concrete slab laid waterproofing bitumen-polymer material, then the geotextile, insulating panels made of polystyrene.Then it is laid another layer of geotextile, drainage and soil layer.

In such a roofing system provides the ability to tile laying, if necessary, arrangement or walkway areas for recreation