Construction of a kitchen-bath of CIP

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29 May 2016

Despite the fact that the technology of building houses on the Canadian technology (sandwich panels) came to our country recently, she managed to become popular.The reasons: low cost, ease of assembly, good energy-saving features of the SIPs home.Another important advantage - short construction time: due to the fact that all elements of the structure are made in the factory, the assembly of the box home made in a few days.

Features mounting

installation of SIPs house has several features:

  • assembly can be done at any time of the year;
  • unlike the walls of heavy materials (brick, concrete, cinder blocks), which require massive foundation, the house of SIP panels can be built on a foundation of light and weakly deepened;the cost of such a foundation is several times lower than the cost of construction of the foundation under the house made of other materials;
  • first mounted slab floor, which is isolated from the bottom daubing antiseptic and waterproofing mastic asphalt;
  • walling start from the cor
    ner of the house, on the strength of the bond depends on the angular panels rigidity, thus avoiding further difficulties with fitting the flat elements;
  • device when the roof truss system is not necessary: ​​with sufficient rigidity the panels, they can withstand any load;the roof of the CIP does not require additional insulation and a vapor barrier under the attic there is always warm;
  • wall in contact with water (in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet), it is necessary to coat the ceramic pre-plastered and treated with water-repellent panel;floor, flooded sand-cement screed, also veneer tiles or other waterproof material;
  • the final stage of assembling the entire structure is sealed: technological grooves more than 3 mm thick coat with a polyurethane adhesive.


Member Forum "Home and cottage" Severomorsk decided to build the country energy-efficient and comfortable home for three to four people, which also had to stay in Bath, permanent kitchen, a bathroom and a spacious terrace.All of this had to arrange the square 6x9 on the same floor.

Because of the high ground water level has been selected the foundation on screw piles with cast zinc tip.Fifteen tightly hammered piles to a depth of 1.6 m. The entire weight of the box 5-6 tons carrying capacity of one pile to get the same.Piles installed about six hours without damage to the site.A box of kitchen-bath of SIP panels collected over five days.Work was carried out in extreme cold winter.

Furnish and installation of communication

then proceeded to the interior and exterior of the simulation beam ceilings were made of lining, the floor in the bathroom, dressing room and steam room - the sheet of larch, in the kitchen - laminate for OSB.On the terrace paved deck of larch, installed railings.The walls are painted with white paint of indoor tinting.

One of the main issues which have been concerned about Severomorsk at the stage of designing the house - the water supply.As winter came home to the country rarely warm-water plumbing during the cold season does not like.So we decided to do a gravity water supply, arranged according to the principle: open the tap and all merged.

under the ceiling for this bathroom, at a height of 2.5 m, the two beams were provided by stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 250 liters each, which were made to order, one storage tank - hot with TAN 2 kW.

order not to miss the moment when the water in the tank falls below the heating element, it is fraught with corruption, forumchanin invented a kind of indicator: the hot water pipe in one place raised above the level of PETN loop.As a result, when the water drops below its level, and then stopped flowing from the tube.

winter, tanks are filled with a pump from the well.3/4 hose connected from the street turn to a filling pipes of cold and hot tub, so was bought by a special cold-resistant hose.At the organization distributing the choice fell on stainless bellows: it was necessary to make bends (therefore dropped polypropylene) and the owner did not want to lose the orifice (and hence pressure) on the fittings, and metal fittings in the corrugation is equal to the section of the pipe (as opposedon-plastic).

In winter Severomorsk plans to connect the points ball taps with a spout (conventional cranes tears).In the summer of works from the water pump station is blocked drain from tanks and water rides on a path through the tee.Hot water is supplied through a conventional water heater.

Final work

Painted facade, brought electricity to the bath in the bathroom and kitchen tiles laid, and then proceeded to finish the pair.Pie in the steam to foam: boards, foil, 5 cm mineral wool, OSB 12 mm.Wall shelves are made of aspen, the stove in two layers with a gap trimmed Minireitom.Window with double heat-resistant polyurethane foam was trimmed glass.Installed wood-burning stove (it - a reserve source of heating buildings) and painted inside.

Budget: all cost about half a million rubles.

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