The system of permanent shuttering

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016

Advantages of this technology

¬ęCOIN PROGRAM MONOLITH" - a method of constructing a building of reinforced concrete.This way you can build a house with a step bearing structures up to 7.8 meters.Perform functions leaves the formwork elements wall panels and floors of reinforced polystyrene.

The system of permanent shuttering undoubted advantage of this method of construction of buildings - reducing energy consumption for heating.During construction, saving time for the erection of the building.In addition, the walls are built on new technology, reduce the weight of the building and heating costs of concrete at low temperatures.

With the new method increases the speed of construction, almost doubled.Because the concrete is poured into the insulated box increases lifetime and quality of concrete buildings.This construction method increases the earthquake resistance of buildings up to 9 points, and increased fire resistance and sound and heat insulation qualities (in line with international and Russian standards).

savings during construction is achieved by reducing the number of workers and the reduction of construction time.No need to use heavy construction equipment during the construction of homes in this way.All of these factors significantly reduce the cost of construction

In addition, it is possible add-ons for existing buildings, with no amplification of the foundation, on an individual project.

Software software

Especially for technology "COIN PROGRAM MONOLITH" created by the software, which is designed using the building and the estimate of construction.You can use it for a short time to design any building and conduct calculations on the cost of labor and building materials.The program makes it possible to make calculations that determine how the building is solidly built.

described technology allows you to build a warm, monolithic building with high quality.This technology is recognized throughout the world and has been widely used.