The embodiment of the idea of ​​a family bath

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29 May 2016

During the discussion, some have a bath - and a lot of arguing violently.But fate intervened case ...

For building baths all together looking frame.The first turned out to be 4x6 meters and they did not like it - diameter logs walked between 22 and 12 cm. After thinking a bit, we decided to put a bath made of logs.

of Banja cylindering 4-wall approach to money.And then by chance they came upon six walls.Planning not quite fit, but the cost was felled like a bad 4-wall.He stood a long time, and so was all gray, but as 2bad4u going to paint the frame of dark paint, it was purchased and brought to the site.

Selecting foundation

On this issue, there were many different opinions, but in the end, it was decided to fill melkozaglublenny foundation.For his casting was involved hired workers power.

workers, as expected, did podsypku of sand and gravel, built formwork, tied rebar and poured the foundation height of 0.8 meters.Separately, the foundation was placed under the stove.Plastic pipe

s used for air holes.To fill it ordered the mixer - 5 cubes of concrete.3 hours without any problems the foundation was poured.

only one place formwork gave way, and bent to 4 cm. But despite this, the foundation turned horizontal and size just below the frame.

To make the foundation of the fortress he was given two weeks to settle.During this time, we were sanded logs log.This work is not easy, but when you do for yourself, nothing scary.

Build log

When sanded all the logs, wage Brigade was disbanded and instead invited friends and relatives.In one day, five of them piled frame.Log cabin covered Belinka Base.A day later painted in a single layer Belinka TopLasur rosewood color.

roof dyuymovka bought cube and cube fifties to the rafters.Next weekend friendly team of friends and relatives gathered and set six trusses and roof made crate.During assembly of trusses used galvanized screws.

November Seventh missed one soldier.And in connection with the end of the summer season electricity was cut off.So I had to abandon the use of nails and screws for sewing roofs and gables.More

had to abandon the use of a circular saw and a hacksaw hand.No electricity compensated by the good weather, so the work continued without stopping.Gables closed boards.On a bed crate roof roofing nails and nailed it.

That ended the construction season of 2009 and instead bathhouse 3x4, 6x6 set with a veranda.This event marked a barbecue, enjoying the sun and snow at the same time.

construction season 2010,

roof for bath

In early May, was opened in 2010 construction season.To do this, they have bought 20 sheets Ondulina brown and went to the country.

Nails, came with ondulin, 2bad4u did not like, so he decided to mount ondulin yellow screws for wood 70 mm.First, the screws of 400 pcs.I had to screw the plastic caps, and then in such a way to fasten sheets Ondulina crate.

Initially looked like best assemble sheets on the roof, and as a result of the measurement algorithm has been developed.

on earth 2bad4u marks sheet Ondulina.Then he picks up a sheet and attached by a wave of overlap (2 screws) and the lower edge (2 screws).

Again marks on the ground topsheet.It picks up on the roof and fixed on a wave that lapped (3 screws).

Before lunch baited all the sheets.Then he pulled the rope between the end and secured with screws ondulin final.And so on all sheets.Then close the lid remains on the cap.This he did in an hour with a hammer.

bath on the roof spent 16 sheets Ondulina.He covered the roof of one aide put on a cap for screws, plates Ondulina lodged and fed lunch.

After lunch it's time to take the ridge.During this process, the most difficult thing was to get the screws on the crate, it was held in 5 mm from the edge.I had to tinker.For convenience in the work he secured at the edges of the roof ridge and held the rope and it buckled and fixed fad.

Gables bath

Since the beginning of 2010 in 2009 nailed temporary gables were removed.

Discontinued he planed boards, and with the help of the planer with emphasis, he chose a quarter for a snug fit planks together.A beauty shot chamfer.In addition, the first board was figured cut to fit between joists.All boards is mandatory before installing treated belinka base.

By doing so, it is their second gable painted belinka Toplasur rosewood color.For sewing the gables it took two days.

Sex on the veranda

First 2bad4u waterproofing mastic asphalt cover the open spaces on the foundation, which will be attached to the longitudinal floor beams.

a Punch holes have been drilled, and with the help of anchor bolts secured the longitudinal floor beams.Then sawed logs cross and put them on a level by screwing the screws on the metal corners.

prostrogat boards for decking veranda and secure them with a small gap between them to allow water to flow between the boards.All the wood before installation 2bad4u covered antiseptic neomid 450. It is planned to board a cheap toned impregnation and lacquer top coat.

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