New hut of corrugated timber

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29 May 2016

The smallest house, which had to build the WAB 57, was designed for a single room with two large dogs.The one-storey building with a cold attic and access to it with a mansard ladders erected from profiled beam 195h195, of 28 cubic meters.First, the hostess wanted to make the entrance porch, but Vladimir convinced her that the dog is no better place than the open veranda.

small size of the cabin is also explained by the fact that the owner did not want to lose your favorite flowers in the garden.However, the initial 4h7 m still a little grown up 4,5h9, and then - and even more: the size of the structure increased by terraces.


Since the groundwater level was high, the clay at the construction site almost come to the surface and approximately 1/4 of the buildings had to be on an artificial sandy ground about a meter thick, the foundation organized a four-meter on screw piles.In addition, improved drainage in the future is unlikely to be possible, because the drainage ditches around the si

te has been up to his waist.It is also planned to make the top harness channels, to ensure the stability of the foundation.All these measures have increased the cost of it: the cost was 150,250 rubles.

If there is no need for a channel, then perform piping beam.This significantly reduces the cost of the foundation.

problems during delivery of the raw timber was then rain.Wood brought under the tent, looked clean and without defects.So what was left to shift for construction material gaskets, cover with foil and wait for the weather.Preservative, taking into account the cold weather in late December, in the list of works has not been found, so I had to adjust plans.Weather did not promise positive change.In view of this it was decided to treat the timber with antiseptic to protect it.Experts measured the moisture content: on the surface of the beam, it ranged from 23 to 33%.

Since water treatment solution does not fit, had to concentrate dilute solution of vodka.Under the conditions of the off-season it was the only right decision.

second car with a beautiful pine timbers brought, but it turned out to be the outer layer promorozhennaya.This is determined by weight when unloading material.It is also treated with an antiseptic on the basis of vodka: the ice melted, and bar "came to life".


antiseptic After the first batch of timber started the installation of the first Convention.Drill holes in the U-sections size 12h260 for grouse, which attracted axis in places with "zero" crowns.Mezhventsovogo heater was a bit narrower than it was necessary, it had to stretch.Cup allowed to lay the material and on the climbs of the bridge.

On the first day of winter hut outlines began to emerge.Workers assembled the floor joists, started installation of the forest.Once closed the window, the snow turned to rain again, so we had to immediately turn off the construction site.

rain in the first step is to protect the shelves from the water timber.As the film winds blew, the board had to be sacrificed.

weather improved, and builders assembled ridge beam.Soon he was laid last crown.New hut of corrugated timber, like justifying its name, cheered builders pre-holiday miracle: at a construction site did not have to alter any details.

Next on the plan was to install a temporary roof system and roof, and then you can take a break.And now ready truss system, designed by the issues of the eaves.I had dovozit crate on board, since the specification of delivery is not checked, and the material was not enough.

At the end of the first phase of construction of the rack on the porch further consolidated "stringers" (timber, relying on them rolled and led away from the vertical rack), the windows shut that proved handy.

Later roofing hostess plans to use soft tile: metal she did not like, besides, it was assumed that the roof will not warmed, because of what summer in the attic could be unbearable heat.

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