Feng Shui in Russian

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016

Driving along the expanse of our great country by tens and hundreds of villages scattered along the roads of the rivers and forests, looking at randomly scattered unsightly izbenki, the question arises: what guided our ancestors, building the house in a particular place?Or maybe they were hoping for a Russian "maybe"?

Feng Shui for Russian With the current rapid construction of all civilized countries are looking at and copy the appearance of their homes, do not understand the essence.Or, conversely, at the behest of fashion, they rush to the other extreme - try to live in the east of - Feng Shui, hardly realizing the main goals of this science, not bothering to understand the philosophy of the East.Life - it is an eternal struggle with nature for survival.And to survive, they learned the nature and improve their knowledge for centuries.As a result, the teachings of Feng Shui was born.

But if the Russian people something like that?Of course, the Russian living heart and soul feel good and evil.It acts more on a whim, with

out specific rules.

Abnormal land

Before building a house be sure to look at the terrain.See how living flora and fauna.All this is necessary in order to determine the location of geopathic zones.These areas are - an anomaly that is the active energy flow occurring in the crustal faults and penetrating the earth.

stay in these areas, and even more living affects a person negatively.He worsening sleep, headaches, it starts to hurt, become depressed, which eventually leads to binges.

Generally, Geopathic zones - is swampland, rivers breaks, the connection of earth formations.Or the area of ​​seismic activity.

choice of location for the construction of

It is sometimes useful to observe the behavior of animals and insects.After all, if a house is built in a hostile zone, then the chickens will be carried badly and lose feathers and cows are often sick.

Feng Shui in Russian But ants, bees, bumble bees, lizards, snakes and cats love geopathic energy, because it is beneficial to them influences, contributing, for example, reproduction.

Places found anomalous zones, popularly called - a witch.Often they are located in the hollows, depressions in the swamps.And especially noticeable in the forest lawn on which nothing grows.And if her stay the night, in the morning you will be sure to headache, nausea, and even nosebleeds.

This implies that people, livestock, dogs must stay far away from these abnormal areas.

why since ancient times grain for people trying to restore knowledge about how to identify good this place or not.

example: just look at the terrain, which chose.If the place is flat and grassy, ​​across rocks, large boulders, then you are on the fault.

Since time immemorial, the place of the proposed construction of the forest brought the anthill and left for three days.If after three days the ants themselves go - it meant that the house can be built.

presence of pine forest, as well as maple, linden, mountain ash has always been considered a good sign for housing

wrong place to live - it's location near the water table.Their presence indicates such trees as oak, ash, aspen, willow.Bad sign - cloven gnarled tree trunks and on the bark of numerous education and growths.In addition, the place with the close proximity of ground water teeming with reptiles, slugs, frogs and mosquitoes.Also indicate anomalous zones such plants as sedge, willow, and p.

How to put the house

First of all, the selected portion of long must stretch from north to south.On the south side is a garden - the garden and the house is built on the north.This is very important location of the house.

Feng Shui for Russian Russian have always lived in harmony with religion, including on the issue.Always in the Orthodox tradition, the altar and the entrance to the temple was located to the east.The house as it is under the grace of God.

After overnight coolness, the sun warms the morning the main part of the house.At sunrise wakes garden near the house, and the rooms are warmed as much as possible.

Location entrance to the north - the most uncomfortable option.In winter, the house blowing cold wind, he warms up badly.The house collects moisture.The house with a porch on the west built not often.

To summarize, let's say that in the villages of the Russian people lived with their domestic laws and the Christian tradition, as the needs of the soul.These traditions are still observed.They are invisible because they become part of us, but it is always easy to understand the Russian soul.