Parking at the cottage in the style of old cobblestones

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29 May 2016

first arrived in the newly acquired country house, gorlov cautiously rode on the old coating of rusty iron sheets taken from the roof of the garden house.Overage material was laid by former masters gently and firmly, but this building looked unaesthetic and dangerous for the tires.

Members Active realized that parking for the car you need to convert first.Therefore, it was decided to build a parking lot for one car.Looking ahead - the result could fit two cars back to back: driven at the same time "ten" and "focus."

Construction work began on the Day of Spring and Labor.May 1 iron sheets cleaned and removed a layer of fertile land - it allowed for the alignment area.Then prepare a solid foundation: spread a geotextile, poured him two cubic meters of rubble and stamped, and fell asleep on top of the same amount of sand.

between the car park and path leading to the house, made a small flower bed: as a constraint on the parking plate installed sheets of slate, fixing their fitting.The deepening of

fertile soil peppered generously fertilized land and planted the plants in groups: ferns, phlox and rye.Later it went nowhere and marigolds marigolds: visible, like a bit of land.

Then it is time to take a hard surface parking.For him, chose an old sand-lime brick white.The rest of the station house of the disassembled material bought from the caretaker.

Brick was used without fear that it will be destroyed by the water, because it had experience with similar material under the garden paths.They served for fifteen years and are still used, but other hosts.

coating laid on a cement-sand mixture brand M300, adding further to 20% of cement M500.Pour cement layer thickness of 5 cm, then it rubber mallet dented bricks.The work was simple, but took a long time and has had time to get bored: a mixture kneaded, shed sand mixture poured, laid bricks, tapped with a mallet, and so many times.

To the mixture was spreading and was required thickness, pour restricted portion formwork.

on plots of 1x1 m, on top of a layer of sand, Staley old net-netting, cut into it poured on the size of the area: it is stuck in a layer of cement and reinforcing the plane formed.After the area was covered with bricks, all the cracks filled with a mixture of cement and poured water.Between the bricks left small gaps, 1-1.5 cm depth: they eventually sprout grass (the owner is planning to fill the wheat) which zadekoriruet site.

Parking will be similar to the old cobblestones, which makes its way through the vegetation cover.Gorlov believes that the special damage and harm the grass will not bring, t. To. The roots can not penetrate concrete and sand.Particularly strong sprouts can sometimes pull out, pour Roundup or machine mining.

28 days later, after the "maturation" of concrete playground has become used.With little investment of time to get done on the conscience, sturdy structure that draws admiring glances neighbors.For the owner of a reputation for "Man with the head and hands", and now outside observers, to follow all the metamorphoses of the site, come to him for advice on many construction issues.

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