Building a bath

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016

the past 10 years there has been increasing popularity of baths.City dwellers are increasingly began to build a bath on its suburban areas.Before starting construction of a bath, you need to decide for yourself what you are going to build Russian bath or sauna.

The fact that the equipment for saunas and Russian baths quite different: from the oven and finishing process and ventilation requirements in the steam room.Let us consider the general issues on the device baths in home gardens.

bath Equally important is, of course, the tree from which will be made frame.Basically this course conifers, but is considered the most elite cedar.But, given the features of our band, usually made from bath timber or logs.

Basic design bath room - a bath, soap, restroom and hallway as a vestibule.If you are using a bath in the winter, it is desirable to make a heated dressing room.

The simplest version of the project - a bath with a combined waiting room, hallway.

When designing baths important to keep the proportions

the area and height of the room in the steam room, family composition, such as the need to heat the bath quickly a certain type of fuel.

to the floor in the bath use wooden or concrete foundation.In the hallway and vestibule are most commonly used wooden floors, the wooden plank decking joists.With wall and ceiling is recommended to use a variety of coniferous trees.And some of them, and made benches for the pair.Windows for bath must be installed on a dual-layer and a short distance from the floor to avoid heat loss from the wooden house.Now let's talk about the most important component parts in the bath - it's certainly an oven!

furnace of Russian bath in the store is not for sale, it built of bricks on a special foundation.The main objective of such a furnace - is warmed stones inside to a temperature of about 500 degrees C, but not overheat steam.

heaters sauna are presented in a wide range of stores.There are domestic (Buleryan, Volcano, Termofor, Sukhov) and import (Harvey, Kastor, Helo) and many others.The sauna is often set either an electric furnace or wood-burning.

electric heated sauna in the installation is no problem, they are put on the floor and fastened to the wall, and the electric cable is retracted into the interior of the frame.Installing a wood stove for sauna stovemaker necessarily made prior to the carpenters.Wood stoves can burn both of the pair, and from the next room.The furnace for sauna stones are discovered.

It is time to talk about steam .It's no secret that every pair has the task to remove toxins from the body through the skin.For that, we try as much as possible to warm and stretch your body.And Russian bath and sauna provide a shock effect on the body, so the initial warm-up should be carried out in conditions as close to the natural temperature of the body.

Temperatures in the Russian bath is about 50-70 ° C and the humidity - about 65%.The sauna temperature is 80-100 ° C, and the humidity all - 3-8%.Warm up in the sauna broom does not work, because of the dry steam it dries instantly and osypletsya.A man in a Russian bath performs several actions: it can lie and sit and stand and succumb to the park, take a steam broom, relax, iehe was always conscious acts.Therefore, steam in the Russian bath should be able to.

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the construction of baths to be taken seriously and thoroughly: choose the material, think about the layout, to choose a steam room.It will bathe you in a Russian bath or sauna, it depends only on you !!!So light you steam!