Caulk wooden house

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016
This procedure is packing gaps between the logs tow.This procedure is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

As usual, I will load you first fair portion of theoretical information.

Unfortunately, our life is arranged in such a way that the timber from which any wooden house built over time resize.Logs, particularly seen in the uneven bars, love to curl up and unwind the screw.This tow, laid between the logs or timbers gradually falls out, leaving a gap into which the wind blows out easily.In addition, the tow like to fight for its bird nests.Finally, the tow may simply grow old, and in this case, it would be worse to perform its function of heat insulation and schelezapolnyayuschuyu.

I built in my life than a wooden house, and here are some of my tips for caulking.

Before you get to work, to do a special tool.He does an ax, but I usually use jig sawing, where possible, as always afraid to cut off your something.It makes this tool, if you do not hurry, exactly 10 minutes.Here are the steps.

1. Take some scrap boards to 25 mm thick, and a blank Scrollsaw:

length of the workpiece so that it was easy to handle.

2. Scrollsaw or otesyvaem it as follows:

3 Bringing her with an ax, so to get a wedge and it was convenient to push the tow between the logs.

All!The tool is ready.Then do the following procedure.We have a tow package.Rip out of her beard is not very large, and it in turn up our rope.Usually the thickness of the rope with the index finger, but can be thicker or thinner depending on your slits.After that, make the tool we exhaust the resulting string into the slot between logs.Here you will notice that your hands are too soft and weak for such work and you want to take a hammer to push the tow in the slot with a higher efficiency.Of course, you can do this only if it does not get carried away.You can easily cram between the logs as a tow that tear off a log of logs and put up the house.Do not allow this.

other niceties.You can find the places where the logs, this is especially characteristic for the timber, adjacent to each other with amazing accuracy, and you can not help that stick between the tow, and even to drive at least 5 mm our tool.Do not be fooled!Typically, this means that, beating the wall on the other side, we will see between the same logs gap, which breaks a hand!This is a very typical case where the beams folded screw.

Finally, the last piece of advice.When you find that your house caulked, I advise score gap between the logs narrow strips, and even better, to lay a gap between the rail and the wiring of the optional tow.In terms of the wall will result in the:

or if you have a house of round logs, such

Please note that the appearance of the wall logs looks warmer than the wall of the timber.I also think that the frame of the round logs better.The only plus timber that house out of it, you can build, not being a specialist, and with a single assistant.Other advantages of timber in relation to the log I see.But this is poetry.

Talk about personal experiences.Remember my neighbor, who bought the house, put all without tow?So, we tried the method described with rails at his house, and we did it!I then did the same myself, and I do not regret