Various designs of houses

By Admin | Building
29 May 2016

While only 10 years ago, wooden houses Frameworks dominated the landscape of Canada's construction, builders are now moving away from the usual building standards and procedures, covering more and more new ideas, innovation, know-how, which are not as widely used 10 yearsago as it is today.

Wooden houses Frameworks

House Frameworks Standard wooden house half-timbered structure consists of exterior walls (2 * 6) and inner walls (2 * 4) interconnected hanging building structure, which is pre-designed on the computer.This house, built on the panel or on a foundation needs insulation inside of the walls and built a plastic vapor barrier to protect the insulating mat from the internal moisture.A measure of thermal resistance of the standard outer wall (2 * 6) with thermal insulation is 19.

Wooden house half-timbered structure is the most appropriate because of low costs for construction materials and labor.The construction of these wooden houses today to optimize.However, wooden materials are prone to shrinkage (cont

raction), form small holes around the walls contribute to the shrinkage.Also, air can penetrate in through wall defects and to find extending inwardly through glass fiber coating.A small amount of cold air can enter the house through the sockets, switches and other electrical outlets.

insulation Formwork

In homes with a heat-insulated wall formwork arrangement is planned in such a way that the walls begin to build directly on the foundation, and end where the zone starts and the gable roof slab.Construction of houses with heat-insulated formwork begins with the foundations and walls, which are used for foam blocks that are later stacked and filled with concrete.

blocks this section of the length and the height of which reaches up to 15 cm and 40 cm, respectively, and having a plastic lattice truss to secure the foam cells.All this allows us to create a platform for the rebar.System tab will be filled with cement rebar.The wall thickness can reach 15-25 cm. This makes it impenetrable wall for the gas thrust and for extreme values.At the same time, the wall retains a high level of sound insulation.Furthermore, the structure of the wall can withstand powerful wind pressure and will not rot, molds and insects.A measure of thermal resistance of the 25-centimeter wall formwork insulation values ​​equal to 22-24.

Steel racks

One of the unsung products on the market are steel house.Steel racks are easy enough, and they are better wood quality.This saves you from burdensome anchorages system, allowing free to experiment with the design of the house.Steel racks come already treated at the construction site in accordance with the order.

in steel racks provide space for electrical and sewage pipes, which saves you time and money.As the house with insulation formwork, houses with steel studs will not rot, mildew and insect emergence.Steel home to the same and are fireproof.Steel racks do not bend or warp as some wooden materials, you will not have such a problem as the thrust of air and flue gases.Unfortunately, the steel does not have good thermal qualities, letting the warm air out.Therefore, additional thermal breakdown should be provided for use during cold weather.

log home

Log houses Log Homes is a national Canadian advantage.They are quite warm, despite the low thermal resistance measures because the logs have a great level of thermal mass, absorbing the heat and distributes it around the house warm during the cold season.The logs are in need of special treatment, and log houses in a special building technology.Therefore, log homes will cost more than other types of homes.

Traditional log construction technique was the same selection in the form of logs, purifying them from the bark, creating the desired shape in the logs to join them and putting.Traditional log construction technique is used to this day.Modern construction technology involves the use of large lathes to create the desired shape in the logs.Thus, the quantity ordered treated lathe logs brought to the construction site and quickly collect the house.Specialized cutting and grooving work to minimize the minting of logs during their placing.

additional services on the internal arrangement of log homes is to create smooth walls.Once you use this service outside your house will look like a normal log house, while inside walls are flat and smooth.Round edges planed timber inside the house until the maximum level plane.Flat Wall simplify some of the work around the house and look aesthetic.