How I built a greenhouse

By Admin | Building
28 May 2016

First of all, you need to sort waste building materials.I saw that one can make a good greenhouse.Here and there was the use of waste building materials!


And so I was useful in building materials and how many of them took to the device greenhouse:

  • strapping boards, rafters and columns (100x100 mm) - 0.45 cubic meters.m

  • intermediate racks, horse (bar) - 0.35 cubic meters.m

  • intermediate rafters (bar 50h50mm) - 0.02 cubic meters.m

  • roof battens and door (Eaves) - 0.1 cu.m

  • glass (3 mm) - 28 square meters.m

  • cement fittings - for foundation

  • bricks (plinth) - about 140 pieces,

as well as: hinges, fasteners and handles for doors, nails, glazing beads for fixing glass.

Next, we consider along with you step by step process device greenhouse

foundation for dug a trench around the perimeter of the greenhouse width of 0.3 and a depth of 0.4 m. Then the bottom of the trench filled with sand and rammed him, and then made a fillconcrete laying of the foundation reinforcement.

plinth foundation , coming above ground to a height of about 50 mm, I did formwork edging boards, edge inserted into the ground.These side surfaces nailed stakes.The ends of the boards of the formwork level adjusted horizontally.

upper surface of the foundation Carefully align the boards of formwork, and then sprinkled with dry cement and concrete with a trowel jammed.Once the concrete has hardened, on the foundation laid waterproofing - a strip cut from a roofing material, on top of which is laid out in two rows of ribbon half-brick for the foundation sill.

lower and upper binding , side and two pairs of central rafters, as well as greenhouse rack I made from a bar 100x100 mm.To skate, ties and central truss struts, as well as intermediate racks, longitudinal and cross-linking of the walls used a bar 100x50 mm.Intermediate rafters made from bars section 50x50 mm.

roof battens and door frame of the greenhouse produced edged boards 100x30 mm.Cutting the material along the length, I'm using manual milling machines seam cutter with thrust shank chose a quarter glass.

Piping frame , and stand united notching vpoldereva and sealed with nails.Before assembling the greenhouse all finished wooden parts covered with protective composition "pinotex."

Ground a central path in the greenhouse, I took off and went to sleep sand track, the beds and the walls reinforced flat slate.

Here, perhaps, and all, as they say, "Do business, enjoy yourself safely" - or rather "Did parnichok, cucumber is for the future!ยป