Fence of curb tape: alternative project

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28 May 2016

To create this project, the author has prompted the need to enclose large plot of land, a desire to invest as little as possible to one meter fence and a wish for the least possible time-consuming process.Optionally viewed mesh netting, but its main advantage outweighed the lack of transparency of the Budget.

Because the decision was made to consider other options for the fence and the idea to create a kind of hybrid of netting and wooden fence, which we bring to your attention.

For the construction of such a fence, we need a lot of curb tape

On the economic side the simultaneous purchase of a large number of tapes may be beneficial because it will be possible to buy it in bulk at a lower price.

Manufacturing technology:

1) In-Ground iron poles, which with small stretch the rope lanyards.The number of lines can be varied at will: 3, 4, or even more.In the corners of the pillars of the author advises to place powerful to design does not give way

2) is woven into the tape wire fence heigh

t of our

Members Active Mazanoff at this stage also offers to consider the option of a cable coating substances that prevent the formation of rust.

3) are woven horizontally along the length of the tape - it will keep the vertical strip on the cable, and the choice of a different color - also adorn our fence

4) drill holes (for this purpose you can use the gas soldering iron) and a vertical tape priklёpyvaemto the horizontal exhaust rivets

Our fence is ready!

By advantages of this project include

  • simple constructions: according to the author, the task can handle even the girls;
  • great scope for variations with color schemes: curb tape is available in a huge number of colors;
  • the budgetary: according to rough calculations forumchanin Mazanoff half meter fence will require a package of 10 linear meters;
  • durability: curb tape is made with the addition of a polymeric material that ensures its resistance to temperature (some manufacturers indicate the stability of the tape to temperatures in the range -50 ° C - + 50 ° C) and to direct sunlight.

main issues in this project are the following:

  • how the fence will stable at strong gusty winds;
  • how much will manifest over time mechanical damage to the tape.

Due to the fact that the project is implemented in practice was not a clear answer to these questions is impossible.

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