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28 May 2016

search for a new team

Saturday and Sunday Oleg was busy looking for a new team.Helped friends and neighbors - Eugene G. and local friends who took an active part.As a result of the search in 25 km from the site was found a carpenter with a team.

Oleg brought him to the site, showed frame, spoke about his misadventures.Carpenter agreed to take up the carcass assembly, but becausethe team has been busy on other objects, they agreed that they would start from June 3.Nicholas - the foreman carpenter, made it a condition that the payment is not taken for the final result, and for each day separately.He said he did not know with what "shoals" cutters and previous collector, he may face.

agreed that a team of 4 people per working day from 9.00 to 18 will receive a total of 4.5 thousand. Rubles.And yet it was necessary to bring and take back the brigade back.The foreman promised to put in the frame 4 days.After consultation with Georgich Oleg gave the green light to build the framework.

Erection log

Tuesday Oleg brought a team to the area.Brigadier - Nicholas, another carpenter Volodya and two Uzbeks Sasha and Alex in the wings.When Oleg began to give instructions to assemble log, Nikolai tactfully said that this experience they have enough, and hinted that he did not interfere with them.Yet the first day he saw how the team and asked a friend to look at new employees.Georgich after talking with Nicholas and see how they stack up crowns reassured Oleg, and confirmed that it is indeed the pros who know their business.And the work of the assembly log boil a second time.

Blockhouse dried up a bit, but all said turned out fine.Few jute sticks, but it's because it was bought by a wide and thick 200h12 mm.After shrinkage log Oleg it either scores slit or cut off the excess.

When assembling the transition from the second to the third well carpenters found a small "herd" cutters - when cutting the crowns removed from the second and third well began to cut, and thus brought down the level a little, but it was fixable, that the new carpenters, builders did.Three perfect angle raised the level of the fourth bit went to 0.5-1cm vertically outside, but it was not critical and from not so noticeable.

When building the second floor (third well) it was found that the previous team a few log cabins available dowel and collected frame without them!Nagel had to do over again.For three days put together well the first and second floor with balcony completely.Nicholas advised to put extra Nagel chopped gables and beam-grounds, sinceit seemed to him that the existing dowel may not be enough.

At the time it was necessary to suspend work because broken hammer drilled holes Nagel.Replace it was nothing, and the second a carpenter pulled back, so the work had to be suspended.

Finally, the frame has been completely assembled, installed gables and ridge beam.It remains to cover the roof.Carpenters took time out to consultation, asExperience in the device chetyrehschiptsovoy roof they had.I had to look again specialists ...

Erection roof

After assembling the log Oleg had to find experts in the assembly of the roof chetyrehschiptsovoy because Brigadier Nicholas refused.After searching and interviews around the neighborhood, going round the neighboring villages, it was found by a carpenter in Priozersk.He himself undertook not to work, but suggested another master with a team.The only condition on their part was that they would be able to work only on weekends, becauseweekdays are busy on the construction of a wooden cottage settlement near

Oleg met with Dima (carpenter, foreman) handed him a deposit and money for the purchase of the desired material asthat was available was insufficient.Work began on August 9.On Saturday, a team of carpenters floored attic, amassed a table-scaffolding, put the first rafter.Sunday brought the right material and the work has begun to boil ...

But it turned out probably is not so simple, becausenext weekend (16-17) Dima came with his brother, who forced to disassemble part of the rafters and collected them in a different way.Still, on August 31 the work was finished.

After inspection it became apparent that the gables cutters made an error as to a gable roof.They do not take into account that the rafter slope will be mounted on the valley and not on a log-mauerlat, so you have to think of something to close the hole.

roof slopes along the plane also found differences: 10-14 cm larger than the other one, but the central ridge beam crooked, but it is not very noticeable.Despite the inaccuracies, these circumstances are not upset Oleg, the main thing that it was all done on a level in common planes, which is important for the subsequent laying of the roof (metal-planned, and if finances permit - the composite shingles).

On the balcony is a temporary rough floor.Oleg eventually floor plans with small gaps between the boards.Boards are treated with antiseptic and covered with varnish Yachting, and under the balcony is an outdoor terrace.

Since the bath-guest cabin Oleg plans live up to the construction of the house, and in the future, and for the convenience of guests, he decided to put on the first floor toilet.

consider several options:

  • sanfayans (sewage system in the city)
  • peat biotoilet
  • chemical toilet

sanfajansa necessary arrangement for the septic tank (the site is located in the water protection zone), so are considered more low cost options.One of the options under consideration - is the installation of a peat toilet models Compact (Russia) or Separett Villa, which, though more expensive, but it seems better performance.

After the construction of the house on the site would be installed septic tank.

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