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28 May 2016
Home construction
course, a total interest in the individual construction led to a growing demand for materials and technologies.And here it plays a decisive role, of course, the issue of quality.Lifetime - one of the main characteristics of which just one can judge about this product criteria.What affects the durability of the building construction?

The answer is obvious: the time of "life" at home depend on the lifetime of the materials from which it is made.To determine this period, there are special laboratory tests and examinations, the results of which are judged on the possibilities of a product.For example, it can be tested for resistance to frost, water resistance, or for checking the strength.
essential part of any building is the roof, walls and foundation.Try to understand what technologies and materials to be used in the construction of these basic designs to be able to build a house for ages.


Foundation - the foundation of the house.The quality of its implementation depends on the reliabi
lity, security, and most importantly, the durability of the structure.Before laying the foundation carried out a wide range of geological exploration of the future location of the house.After construction on bad natural conditions land can lead to dire consequences up to the collapse of buildings.

For example, a house built in zatorfovannyh place will gradually "leave" in the ground.When moisture provide draft and some dry macroporous soils.This leads to the formation of cracks in the walls and tear communications.Therefore, the foundation selected only after determining the type of soil and the seasonal level of groundwater movement, as well as the weight of the building under construction.Today distinguish quarry, belt, columnar, brick, block, or combined types of bases.

considered the most durable foundation rubble because of its strength properties, frost resistance and chemical inertness with respect to groundwater.It consists of a stone quarry, tightly joined with each other.It is derived from the rubble concrete base, consisting of layers of concrete and stone.

pier foundation (of the individual pillars) can be made of concrete, brick and other types of stone and the most effective in the deep freeze the ground.Basically they are designed for buildings with light wooden walls that do not require the supports along the entire length.Poles are set around the perimeter of the structure with a predetermined calculation step (~ 1-3 m) were overlapped so that all intersections of walls and other places too much loaded.

strip foundations are being built in the form of a continuous coating.Unlike columnar, they are used in the construction of buildings with heavy stone walls and ceilings.Tape laying the foundation for all wall structures.Basically, it consists of multiple layers of concrete reinforcement.In some cases, accelerate the construction or insufficiently robust ground using concrete slab or foundation blocks.

Symbiosis concrete and concrete blocks, made on a pillow of sand and gravel, forms the foundation block.For him, the best fit of dry sandy soil.This place is also preferable for the brick foundation is a simple brickwork.Note that the durability of this base to the low water resistance is inferior concretes.

To prevent interaction between the foundation structure with moisture and groundwater and thereby secure facility, installed waterproofing.In addition, to increase the service life of the foundation helps the tab around the drainage system (such work is carried out, for example, GidroTehStroy, RemStroyMaster, PROMSTROYSERVIS et al.).


Naturally, the durability of the walls is also determined by the properties of the material from which they are made.It can be wood, brick or concrete.

Wooden houses - not uncommon in low-rise construction.The walls are made of wood - it is environmentally friendly, warm, constant air and, consequently, a pleasant indoor climate.However, their durability prevent high fire hazard and exposure to moisture.

today mainly identified two manufacturing techniques of wooden houses, either from logs or from laminated veneer lumber.According to its figures are almost identical, except for one.On the strength of glulam is much superior to solid wood.Thanks to a special technology he does not crack and is resistant to deformation.
the domestic market of manufacturers of wooden houses can be distinguished Russian company "Kineshma timber company" Honka Finnish and Kontio.

combining various experts, we can say that the term "life" of the wooden house depends on:
quality wood;
professional manufacturer (some manufacturing plants produce 100-year warranty);
quality paints and varnishes.

However, the domestic low-rise buildings the most common material for the walls is still not a tree, a brick.House made of him, according to various estimates, will last 150 years or more.Mainly used ceramic bricks (for example, the German company Keller and Handle, the Russian company "Ceramics-sale", Finnish Rauf et al.).

gradual development in the private housing construction is obtained and cellular concrete: aerated concrete and foam concrete (Russian producers of "NLMK", JSC "Plant of cellular concrete", etc.).This durable and lightweight materials with good thermal properties.However, their assessment of relative durability is difficult, as these new building materials and their behavior in difficult climatic conditions is still insufficiently investigated.It is assumed that the service life of the walls of aerated concrete is about 100 years old.


These translucent structures are usually an integral part of the wall.According to experts, their longevity by 80% is determined by the quality of installation work and performance materials.

frame windows can be wooden, plastic (PVC-), aluminum, or be a compound of any of these materials.

Wooden windows are environmentally friendly, have a high sound insulation, low thermal conductivity, are resistant to temperature changes.But their disadvantage is that they are too prone to natural influences and well-lit.According to various estimates, the window of wood can last more than 50 years.
Aluminium frames are durable, corrosion-resistant and can stand for more than 80 years.However, low heat and sound insulation parameters of the profile make it practically impossible to use such windows in low-rise construction.

most popular option today - the installation of PVC windows.This is because the plastic structures are universal.They almost do not need to care.According to experts of the Group of companies "PROPLEKS" - one of the largest Russian manufacturers of PVC profile of Austrian technology, these translucent structures are resistant to various kinds of atmospheric influences.I.e. effectively working at temperatures ranging from -50 to 60, and at the same time possess high strength and thermal characteristics.In addition, the window made from PVC profile, does not lose its properties over several decades (e.g., PROPLEX - for 60 years).

largely determined by the quality of life of such mixtures and additives used in the manufacture of plastics.So, thanks to the unique formula of the formulation profile PROPLEX has high resistance to the Russian climate.

worth paying attention to the life of the seals ensuring tightness of the windows.It is much shorter (4 to 15 years).Laboratory specialists durability of building materials and sealing SUE "NIIMosstroy" conducted studies previously compressed sealing tape (PSUL) 12 mm wide variety of firms.And they came to the conclusion that a conditional term of its service - no less than a decade.In the tape width and 20 mm during operation more - 20 years.


In fact, it is the upper part of the building, enclosing the house from the elements.Durability will determine the life of the roof and roof truss system.To support the weight of the roof and the pressure of natural factors (snow, wind, etc.), rafters must have a high margin of safety.Therefore, great importance here are the preliminary engineering calculations, which should be approached with great responsibility.

course, very important to the choice of material of the roof.Soft tiles (Italian Tegola, Finnish Katepal, French Onduline etc.) is a polyester with the addition of modifying agents.The ratio of the polymer and bitumen largely determines its life.According to various estimates, it is not more than 75 years.

steel sheets coated with zinc or a polymer to form a roof of metal (Finnish Rannila and Metehe, English group Corus, and others.).Its durability is dependent on the thickness of the steel sheet, the zinc layer (corrosion resistance) and the type of the polymer coating.Specialists as a polymer coating recommend Purana.It is corrosion-resistant, tolerant of physical wear and UV radiation and can withstand large temperature changes.The service life of the material can reach 50 years.

more durable option - ceramic tiles (German Creaton and Meyer-Holsen, the Swedish Benders et al.).With its high frost resistance, strength and low water absorption, it can last for about 100 years.A roof made of copper (German KME, Finnish Luvata etc.), Can stand 150-200 years.

So, while "life" of the house is determined by the durability of its four main components: foundation, walls, roof, and window designs.

And their life, in turn, depends on the technology and quality of building materials, which range today is quite wide.The main thing here - do not make mistakes and make the right choice.