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28 May 2016

metal frame for the toilet at the cottage party forum Mishael761 done for the day.Size at the bottom was 2x3 meters, the height of racks - two meters, the slope of the roof - 40 cm. The toilet itself occupies the right side of construction, all the rest given over to a garden storage for tools and garage for scooter.The same technology, but with a triple-framed house built 6x6 m 2x4 m and a shower at the base and the floor of granite.

Technology construction

first installed vertical racks of thick profile.Then let the outside horizontally two belts of 40x40 (15 cm above the floor and the same - the ceiling).These zones vertically welded profiles 20x40 for the outer skin.After tightly stacked three layers of insulation (foam thickness profile).Location of internal and external pillars nowhere coincides with a shift is made, there is no through-metal cold finger.

Compared with thermo difference in price - significant: almost twice cheaper.

Calculate the amount of metal in the house-hozblok

can use the 6x4 scheme, which drew forumchanin.The height of the racks is individually, the distance between them for the tough skin is 1 meter, for siding - or OSB sheathing should be put through a 50 cm.

To avoid freezing through, the foreman advised the owner to fasten to the studs inside the bars, inside sheathe OSBor plasterboard, the outside - what will want, and fill in the gaps with polyurethane.Mishael761 prefers to cut the foam or just insert a sheet of 1x1 m - it's faster, easier and cheaper.

for building a 2x3 m to do the foundation or to rely on point 3 (not 4 - winter is not disrupted to the plane and the building is not swinging in two diagonal supports when walking).

foundation for a shower used whole plate with reinforcement welded to the bottom of the frame perimeter.Flooded flush with the bottom of the pipe (at the base - frame profile 80h40, the rest - 40x40).Plate thickness is 25 cm. Drainage of the shower owner did flexi hose over the wall, above the floor.Next comes the plastic pipe.

Roof: all wooden elements are screwed to metal-drilling 3mm drill and twist the screw on the metal.It is better to use a network screwdriver.

should consider this caveat: because the coefficient of thermal expansion in wood and metal is different, each board should be screwed to iron crates separately and wide.If the tie bar along screws can shatter and strong winds tear off a piece of the roof.In Mishael761 it happened with the roof of the garage.

Insulation is laid inside after cladding.

materials and the cost of the toilet:

  • profile 40x40 - 14 racks of 2 m, 8 pieces - 3 m (about 60 m) - 75 rubles per square meter, at the base of 40x60 used a bit more expensive;

To reduce the cost of construction can be used instead of 1.5 mm to 2 mm and 20x40 sizes - get 45 rudders, in general - 4500 rubles.

  • trapezoidal sheet - 8 sheets of 2 m with a profile of a C8 - 500 rubles per sheet total - 4,000 rubles;
  • profile sheet 'undulating slate "- 6 pieces of 500 rubles, total - 3000 rubles .;
  • rivets - two full pocket;
  • the door to the toilet and in the technical department, in the latter case - welded mesh with a sheet outside, about 500 rubles;
  • peat WC PVC tank of 60 liters and two branches - 4100 rubles;
  • Bank of paint, primer - about 100 rubles .;
  • protection structure rust - 25 rubles.

TOTAL - about 12,000 rubles plus the board of the old buildings, if to buy new - will take about polkuba on the floor and crate.

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