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28 May 2016

Quest suburban area

In late summer 2006, Alexander decided it was time to organize a resting place outside the city.So he eagerly took up the search for a suitable suburban area.

main criteria for choosing a place for the summer: near the site to be a lake and a lack of distance or even neighbors.

The more he searched, the more convinced that it finds that that is looking for.In the search for a suitable site has been spent almost a year.

country cottage area

Eventually, he found a site close to the lake, which is called "Vangozero" and started the paperwork.This is not one lake, but a system of lakes."Vangozero" very clean and deep.20 meters from the shore and shallow sandy bottom, and then a hole of 30 to 50 meters deep.

Site Plan

Next in parallel with the paperwork was deciding what to do next.On the site elevation changes of up to 5 meters, so he decided to make a terrace.On the lower terrace, he decided to put the bath - a guest house, a shed and a toilet.The middle tier accommodate small patio, lawn, sw

ings, and at the top of the house.

Some of the trees in the area it was decided to cut down, because strong winds on the hillside, and he was worried that the trees are knocking down and crush someone.

The area is no well or wells, and 500 meters there is a spring.After the construction of baths, Alexander plans to dig a well and the well will be drilled when build a house.

The construction

After registration papers took up the search for cutters ... and found a cool baths from Sukharnikov cutters.I conclude the contract.Guest house bath, he would chop directly on the site.By the time the area was nothing more, therefore, Alexander began to build a shed.

June passed quickly.That's what had to do

cutters were unique!My name is Michael - the Soviet Union.He does everything himself.Assistant attracted only when a horse throws.

the first time in the summer, Alexander did not go for a vacation.The family sent, and he went out in August on vacation and go to the country.Every day he worked for 10-12 hours.He worked with pleasure.During holidays built barn, toilet and began to fence.But alas, the vacation is over.

In September, he spent on the site electricity.Roofs yet, and already in the bath light.Cutters worked tirelessly.

And finally Mikhail covered roof, put the door.Now, this building was like home.

plan bath

plan changed the course of construction and eventually got this.

Alexander himself had once again started to build a little plan would have altered the construction of baths.

First, it would reduce the steam to 2,65h2,1 on 2,1h2,0.Due to this increased to a recreation room and a little washing.In the rest room he would stand on the stove Termofor Tunguska Virta.He would have made a more user-friendly and shallow stairs to the second floor.The height of the first floor was planned 2.4 finally got 2.55.But there was nothing he could not do so on the Viennese happened.The mansard roof begins immediately, but it would be better to raise a couple of crowns if and useful area of ​​the second floor would have increased.On the input side would produce about a meter and on the second floor balcony would have done.

angle of the roof will determine when The required space for the installation of billiards.Large overhangs made specifically to room looked exactly bath, not the house.The distance from the edge of the eaves to the wall 80 cm.

Heating and heating bath

on enclosed porch and the washing he plans to do the warm filler floor covered with granite.In the pair of the same sex only without electric heating.In the rest room stove Tunguska 16 Wirth is stove and electroconvector.On the second floor of the electric fireplace.From the fire will go sandwich pipe.

On forumhouse he read, how to do a warm floor in the bath and so will do it myself, and the top cover granite.To do so: Sand and gravel padushka - 8-10sm penopilistirol - reinforced mesh - a layer of concrete 5-7cm - el.tёply floor - grouting 2-3cm above and stoneware tiles.The price depends on what kind of electric heating mats or cable manufacturer, accessories.Same thing with tiles.

Roofing ventilation

A Roofing ventilation is made so: the rafters stretched membrane vetrogidroizolyatsionnaya "Izospan AM", the top-packed bars 50x50 and are sheathing boards of 25mm.And on top of metal.Bottom stitched 20mm board with slots on top of the metal tile is a ridged profile.Rafters height 175mm.Rockwool Insulation is 150mm with a slight shift necessarily mats in the first and second row to remove thermal bridges + 20mm foam.Bottom insulation and finishing filing.Thermal insulation is made, because it would use the bath all year round, and has not yet built a house and have to live in the bath.Therefore, it is necessary to insulate.

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