How to insulate wooden house

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28 May 2016

reason for writing this article was the following question of the reader.

It so happened that I started this story in response to a question, and already as a finished article, just a little.The fact that the answer would seem to be very simple.However, it gave me an excuse to theorize a little.Retrieve.I hope I do not seem boring, that the question "How are you?"It begins deployed, with deviations to talk about how he's doing.

Let's look at the physics of heat insulated room in winter.Firstly, in our experimental room must be a source of heat and defined conditions for its cooling, i.e. heat exchange.The heater is usually used a radiator, and as the conditions for the cooling air are the ceiling, walls and floor.Notice I did not accidentally brought these three parts of the premises in that order.Who will understand why.Warm air heated by the heat source and rushes up.First of all the warm air at the ceiling and stick his "spread" on it in different directions.While warm air "flowing" to the ceili

ng, it is cooled by passing its heat to the ceiling.Ceiling becomes thus very warm indoor building structure.

But back to our warm air.Our air is a little cool and dotek to the walls.There would stop him, but the process is non-stop heat and air continues to cool.On cooling, it falls down and down.If the cold wall in the building, the air is not only omitted.It also increases the rate of descent.It may well be that by the time they reach the floor air moves pretty fast, and the effect of "blowing the legs."In such a situation, we have to walk home in the boots.

familiar?Most interesting is that in this situation it is very easy to be deceived and all over the floor to blame.Indeed, the floor becomes as cold as ice, and specifically on the floor, more precisely ten centimeters from him blowing strong holodnyuschy draft, almost a breeze.And in fact, and I hope you have understood that the proportion of the floor cooling air is negligible.Indeed, Paul focuses all the coldest air of your room.

Now we can see why our radiators located under the windows.Look!Our warm air cools more precisely on the outer walls.The interior walls have a room temperature, and almost not involved in heat exchange.That is our radiator is practically barrier to cold air.Radiator meets him when he cooled the most.It radiator, our source of heat, the cold air does not reach the floor, warming it and sent back up to the ceiling.

Let us in passing a very important intermediate conclusion.If you heat a little extra room radiators, it is necessary not to put them in the middle of the room and not in the far corner, namely near the outer wall, on the path of cold air descending down into full compliance with the laws of physics.What would happen if we set the radiators in the inner wall opposite the window?We organize thereby the accelerator air.Cold air will go down the outer wall, to pass through the room on the floor to sink and there blowin up with acceleration.So we only strengthen a draft legs.

But now you can go back to our main topic.How warm the cold wooden house.If you carefully read the previous text, you probably think that you need to deal with home insulation in the ceiling sequences - external walls - floor.If you think so, you're right, but before this sequence, I, nevertheless, suggest you carefully inspect the walls for frank holes.Wooden houses are not constant.Between the beams, especially in the corners may be slit through which may sdorovo blowing.Before sealing cracks and holes frank house warming will be useless.If the windows are bad, we must begin with them.But more on that below.

So, it's time to move on to the specifics.If it's cold, then carefully inspect the walls from the inside.First and foremost looking for a place from which the blowing or places that get slightly wet.Probe the walls and corners.Probe places where interior meets the floor.Then look at the windows and window sills.Anything of the above items is sure to be steamy, wet, or you will feel quite strong and cold blast.In short, we are looking for holes and plugging them tow or better, with foam.If necessary, remove the interior trim.If the holes are plugged, or not found at all holes, then go through the list in this order: Ceiling - external walls - floor.

from the ceiling hardest.From the ceiling never blows cold air.From the ceiling can blow warm air only and, not inside and outside the room.Such leaks notice hardest.We have to act blindly.To reduce the risk to miss a leak recommend using either mineral wool or anything that rolls in: ecowool or dust with additives.If your material is loose, it must be a little trample, but not too much within reason.

insulator layer should be not less than 150 mm.Do not cover it with any type of roofing materials, etc.Such materaly placed under the insulation, not on it!Do not skimp insulation.Make overlaps the edges and corners.By the way, here is a little test for the quality of your ceiling insulation.Put the attic, right on the insulator, the basin with snow.If on top of a heat insulator you floored the board, then just pour a handful of snow on them.Snow should not melt, and even to melt.

understood from the ceiling.Now wall.They are in most cases sufficient caulk inside and out.

very, very important role in home insulation and windows play a pair of windows of the house.If you have money, then put a plastic or wooden windows with double glazing.If there is no money, then Insulate available.Put the glass on the silicone sealant and seal the frame, if they are not subject to repair and seal.Windows are crucial in home insulation.If the windows are bad, then you need to start warming the house is with them.

Paul - the most simple.In most cases, lay on his rug.Check, by the way, do you shut the vents in the basement of the house.

After these steps the house, in most cases will not be perfect, but I think quite comfortable housing.At least it will be possible to remove and replace the sweater boots warm socks.

However, there is no limit to perfection.The following steps may be laying insulation on the outside of the house extra insulation and finishing entire house some finishing material and improvement of the heating system.However, this is beyond the scope of this article, and has repeatedly seen on the site.

Dmitry Belkin