Wooden stairs in the house

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28 May 2016

is especially important to know in advance the features of the device stairs to the wooden houses.And it's better to hear about it from the professionals.

Councils of the area structure of stairs (and not only) us divided cabinetmaker and designer Denis Andreev Andrei Maximov.

Features ladder wooden houses

Wooden House, in contrast to the stone, giving a strong enough shrinkage. not only because the wood dries out, but due to the weight of the roof, furniture and everything else in the building is located.

joint ladder should be unleashed with load-bearing structures house, that the design has not lost its shape and just broke.

ladder must stand on the floor .

Another important point - height of the top of the march and the upper floor .This height should not be calculated in the first stage of drying, when it is most intense, and at subsequent.For example - drying houses in the first phase can be from 5 to 10 cm, after some time, the house will be upset considerably less - about 1

cm per year.

By the standards of height and width of steps (treads) the sum should be between 45 centimeters to half a meter.

Features stairs better future to calculate more before construction .Otherwise, you may encounter a situation where after the tide builders concrete base of the stairs just getting uncomfortable.In this case, most likely, have to re-pour marches.

Customised solution - step goose step

In a situation where in the house the device stairs devoted little space to get help design with innovative solutions - for example, steps to goose step.

Despite the unusual design stages, just as their size must meet the standards (the sum of the width of the tread and step height should be in the range of 45-50 cm).Only in this case walking on a ladder will be comfortable and safe.

As for the width of the stairway - that here, too, will be able to save a little space.It makes no sense to do this ladder is very broad, because still have to go through the middle.

Choosing wood

Not all wood is suitable for the manufacture of stairs.The first and most obvious property for future wood stairs - it should be dry and free of knots .The next very important point - the wood for the stairs (as, for example, and the floor) must be very hard .Application of softwood (such as pine, basswood) is highly undesirable.The ideal option would be a larch, for example, oak, beech or mahogany, but certainly hard rock.


Finally Denis gave useful tip for those who like to collect the furniture with his own hands.

to connect the acquired wood panels at 90 ° people usually use the mounting screws in the corners.But this attachment is generally not very reliable and not very durable, though it is simple to manufacture.In addition, there are situations where fixation should be imperceptible, and to disguise such corners is problematic.

Alternatively, you can use a special tool - grooving router .Using this tool is simple enough, and it does not require a special marking on the details.

So, in order to hold together two wooden panels of the same width at an angle of 90 °, first of all define the front side of both panels.When we place the first panel on the face, combine the edge with the edge of the instrument panel and done in the groove parts.These manipulations repeated for the other edge of the panel.

second part is positioned vertically (as it should be attached to the first panel) and repeat the same procedure: serially combine the two edges of the panel and the edge of the tool and is doing the slots on both sides of the panel.

in obtaining slots paste it spikes, which are sold bundled with the instrument: first of all insert the spikes smeared with glue in the slots of the first panel and deepen them with a hammer, then coat with the entire surface of the adjacent panels with protruding spikes glue, tightly aligned with the second panel, andstifle clamps.

This compound was sufficiently reliable, clean and easy to manufacture.

express our gratitude to the company "Avtor" and personally Denis Andreev and Andrey Maximov

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