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28 May 2016

walls there, the floors have, walls sheathed plasterboard, there is, put doors and windows, heating laid, water is brought into the house, and even hot.Well, what else is necessary for happiness cottagers!It turns out interior.



to complete the interior decoration of the house Tatiana invited artists.They thought it was that plaster and paint is at the cost of construction of the wall.

therefore to reduce costs and her husband decided: to paint the living room on the ground floor stairwell and hall on the 2nd floor.The rooms on the wall they pokleit wallpaper under the paint.Wallpapers bought 1.5 meter-wide, so it was difficult to glue.After pasting the walls of painted wallpaper.

The next day, after painting the walls of steel striped wallpaper.Tatiana called friends painters.They are at a reasonable price painted a room and at the same time to teach her how to paint over wallpaper.The ceilings in the rooms are plastered with special wallpaper under the paint, but it is not pai

nted, they are so white.


starters finishing bathrooms.On the wall panels fastened, it is convenient to wash.Made metal rack suspended ceiling.In the toilet a bed on the floor laminate, and the bathroom floor combined: a podium on which stands a shower and sink with tiled and the rest remained wooden, varnished, stained the color of the floor tiles - malachite.


for the bathroom and the toilet got Tatiana mirror Ikeja, came home and immediately pasted.My husband did not like it at first, but then seemed to be accustomed to.And when the neighbors came very admired.The fact that in the bathroom only three spotlights, one above the sink and the two closest to the door and one above the toilet door, so pasted on the ceiling mirror improves illumination.



Kitchen Tatiana in the house a little 3,5h2 meters (builders of mixed size bathroom and guest room) is in the living room on the podium and fenced off the bar, so the dishwasher put in the bathroom


Be careful when building

The house was attached to the lodge balcony and covered his roof.The design seems to be firmly closed.But there it was.In the fall from the ceiling in the hallway began to appear droplets.And the ceiling of the corridor, an entrance hall, floor loggia is, though paved with all sorts of special waterproof materials and insulation.

Tatiana went to the other foreman to know what was going on.And he said Vodicka always find a hole.They had to order the sliding glass door full opening balconies 5,5h2,2m - that is not planned expenditure.

further improvement cottages and houses

Winter came, and Tatiana in the house and the water hot and cold, warm the battery, you can optionally change the mode of heating homes - beautiful!The new home of their friends began to visit the bowl.New Year they celebrated a big company - it was a lot of fun !!!!All praised the hosts for their efforts.So friendly company passed winter.

Spring came.On the next street brought frame to the bath, and the people refused.In such a situation began to sell almost half the price.Tatiana ran around all the neighbors (already friends) gained the required amount and got it.

Blockhouse 5x3, and stem to the porch also received a 5x3.Since they already have a gazebo, they decided to combine business with pleasure, and the removal of half done indoors shed type of blockhouse and all covered penoteksom oak, logs also covered penoteksom.


Initially Tatiana and her husband wanted to lay down the garage of the blocks, but then decided not to stand out from the style of the blockhouse build.We bought the material, agreed with the workers, but then with the finance was tight, and decided that the garage will make their own hands.

Foundation for the garage was already filled, but it somehow made at ground level, so they bought a foundation blocks, put them on a foundation, sealed with cement and covered with roofing material and put the beam on three sides of 100x100.


They gathered framework for walls, obbili blockhouse, and thinking how to make the roof.Daughter came for a visit and advised to make a sloping roof, and they did a bias towards neighbors.

The following year, they decided to attach to an existing garage another.And now they have turned the roof, as they wanted - a small house.Gates put the lifting, power, it is very convenient.

foundation laid in the autumn of 2001, the walls and roof set in 2002, the interior finish and communications made in 2003 and the first new year celebrated in a fully built house comfortably.

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