Bath for those who can not bathe

By Admin | Building
28 May 2016

Besides bath can serve not only the health of the body but also the soul.And the main thing is that my tips can come and those who are contraindicated Bath or who just does not like to bathe .

What does it matter if you're in the area have their own room, and state of health does not allow to use it in full?And look with envy on the family and friends that are available to what is forbidden to you.Do not get discouraged, and you find a place at this celebration of life.And you can serve as Bath wonderful healing and rejuvenating means, besides a wonderful remedy for the blues, depression and stress.

So, preparing in advance is necessary - on the day when the room is heated.Stroll through the gardens and the surrounding area and collect the plants, flowers and leaves.You can be guided by the traditional medicine.In this case, you decide what is most important to you.If you give your body a boost of energy, then to take Melis herbs, lemongrass and a few crusts of citrus, but in this case the procedu

re will have to do in the morning.If you want the opposite - to relax, then add the mint, motherwort and go to the bath closer to the night.

can be guided by intuition and their own - like - not like, pleasant - unpleasant.Feel like a little witch.Indeed, who better than your body knows what he likes and what he needs.

Of course, it is better to avoid the poisonous herbs and the ones you do not recognize.

Thus, gaining a handful of herbs and flowers, you are going to the bath.Poured a basin of water, and drop to your bouquet.

bath come in the next day, when it has cooled down a bit and have not threatened you trouble.

There's still warm, very dry, the air is saturated infusion of herbs, which means you can start the ritual of self-improvement.

To start a warm soak in the loft (right on the tree), - if you have any problems with the joints, they are very soft warm, it is no accident that the shelf is traditionally made from aspen.It's not just that aspen slightly heated - According to popular belief, it can delay the still poor, including illness, fatigue and bad mood.Remember, it is aspen stakes legends straighten out any evil spirits, so that such evil spirits as fatigue and melancholy cope too.

Now try massage - sprinkle on cereal Polat, such as kidney beans, or buckwheat, and lie down on it.Few poprivyknuv slightly ride on the rump.This kind of massage activates all important points on your skin.Then you can put on the shelf leaves and flowers of plants suitable for you (the easiest - birch or oak leaves, burdock leaf) and soak them, absorbing skin nutrients.

Very good if you do not come to the bath one , in this case, try to make each other a soap massage.

Regular massage is not easy to do a layperson, and dangerous - ignorant and inexperienced person can easily cause serious damage or injury, which is not easy to handle and then, (to stretch muscles, pinched nerve, there are some mountain - masseurs and vertebrae shift!).

If soapy massage is very difficult to do.But if you do not find a companion - do not worry - self-massage is also a good thing!Take a good soap or shower gel and how to lather your partner or yourself, while going from the bottom up (from head to toe), gently knead the muscles and smooth wrinkles.Then take a tough loofah or a special brush and rub the body.Finally, once again make stroking movements, the body relax, and rinse the soap.

lie down and rest, at the end of the procedure obleytes infusion, which was prepared ahead of time.Relaxed and softened the body absorbs all the nutrients that herbs given water.Do not rush to wipe the body, let dry infusion for you.Then get dressed in clean clothes made of natural fabrics and forward - toward a new life!Believe me, after this procedure, you will feel reborn, not only physically but also mentally.Of course, these tips can be useful for everyone, but those who are not contraindicated bath, they will only reinforce its therapeutic effect.

So strike a broom and steam for diseases, boredom and melancholy!And good luck to you on your way to health, longevity and emotional balance!