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27 May 2016

inherited from parents on 9 acres was an old house and a bathhouse.Omakud decided to demolish them, because all the buildings, stood for more than 20 years, were in a deplorable state.The next challenge, which has set a summer resident, was the construction of new facilities, with a maximum of 2.5 months.

According to preliminary calculations, the construction site was to take no more than 200-250 thousand (in the end there were more).Since the services of construction companies were much higher than expected, forumchanin decided to resort to the help of the recommended amount in the Uzbek team of two people.

Construction "scam", as he called risky business owner himself, began.The first day of the Uzbek dismantled bath.On the same day I ordered Omakud frame for 20 thousand rubles, and even delivered free.

The following day, the pit dug under the pier foundation - the most affordable.The soil - loam - manual Auger could overcome somewhere to 0.5-0.7 m, then had to cut down with an ax and a crowbar

.Under poles digging holes about 1 m depth and 30 mm in diameter: it was impossible to go further.Later the owner realized that it was necessary to call for help more serious equipment.At the bottom were thrown, tamping, mixed with cement sand and gravel.Inside each column was placed as reinforcement of masonry grid.The above-ground portion of the pillars was 30x30 cm.

Omakud ordered the stove, and under it immediately filled base, which gone concrete remnants, bricks and other debris.In total, the foundation took 10 masonry grid, 13 bags of cement and two days.

Construction bath

3x3 m log Assembly took one day.Between the crowns laid moss, when it was over - tow.Inside the logs were treated with lamellar grinder grinding wheel.Tree lit up immediately disappeared splinters and burrs from the logs, blotted knots.On grinding it took two days.They brought the oven, put a ceiling board.

To protect the head from hitting the top of a log (Matica), it was decided to install than a made - from the bottom, ie. E from the bath and slung under the roof and ceiling boards fastened to it with screws from below.As a result, the ceiling has turned out smooth and safe.

then do the installation of rafters, battens and covered with roofing material.Did pipe crossings through the ceiling and roof, heat-reflective film to lay on the ceiling (took a couple of days).Then they build a waiting room, polished and painted it, did pediments, obkladyvali furnace stove with brick, polished and Staley floor in the bath.

To drain the water dug a 180-liter plastic drums from the bottom up on the sides of drilled holes.At the bottom of the pit was filled and stamped CBC.Installed barrel and covered with the same material.Draining the barrel arranged in 50 mm plastic sewer pipe.Himself cemented floor.As the first lag used pipe tubing, which was fastened across the second lag of 40 mm boards, and only then put polished floorboards.The height of the bath floor to ceiling was 2 m.

Banja fired from the waiting room about 2,7h1,7 m (later Heating Rooms lengthened by 1.5 m).Total bath built for two weeks (including dismantling), and 65 th. Rub.- With frame, stove, material, electrical and performance.

Construction of houses

Old house neatly dismantled on the shields of the two days.Preparation of pits for strengthening the foundations took a day longer.Angles made solid, put some columns under logs for the stove.Cemented as well as in a bath.Just a couple of days preparing formwork and the same - poured foundation.

height of the aerial part due to the slope of the soil ranged from 40 to 60 cm underground - about one meter;Width - 30 cm. The outer size of the house with a terrace and veranda - 7x7 m room - 5x5.Height of attic - half a meter.Sincefrequent guests are not expected, cottage summerhouse decided to build one floor.


frame house, the upper rail and the ceiling joists were made of timber 100x100.On the sill beams went 150h100.The step between the vertical boards made multiple width OSB-boards 3, v. E. For each plate to 3 bar.By the bottom plate is a steel timber brackets "Pinocchio."Stiffening structure used angular struts.Just make openings for doors and windows.

rafters made of planks 40h150 mm in increments of about 60 cm. Crate - dyuymovka.Thermal insulation - foam 50 mm (outer layer) and the heater mats to a thickness of 50 mm.The ceiling and floor are insulated foam 100mm.The frame house was built about two people per week.

roof for added protection and insulation roofing material put on the crate by galvanized iron NA-10.Crate stuffed with four and a half hours.Another hour was spent on marking and cutting the protruding ends of boards.Flight left half a meter.After 5-6 hours ready roof gleamed in the sun.


Omakud originally planned to put a wooden frame, but the plastic window with double glass pane 1,3h1,4 cost much cheaper.On the porch two windows 1,5h1,4 set in an aluminum frame (one of them - sliding).They have established their own in 3 hours.


exterior walls obbili fire- and water-resistant OSB-3 plates 12 mm thick.This same material is laid on the floor in the rough coating of dyuymovka.The ceiling and walls inside the room obbili plates 9 mm dark brown.Upholstery made three people: two levels, one bashed directly to the frame.Waterproof film between the slab and beams do not run, to do additional crate: the house still did not plan to live permanently.

the top and bottom of the same plates allowed 5 cm plinth.The floor is covered with two layers of clearcoat.The walls and ceiling are left as is.Flooring and grinding on the terrace floor boards, poles, handrails, etc.It took another week.

Home Get comfortable and practical, well experienced all conflicts of nature.Log cabin in the bath slightly "gulnul", but it was noticeable only by the door to the bath.Over the past three years, significant changes have occurred.The house is no shrinkage and cracks.

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