As we built our cottage

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27 May 2016

First, as usual, they went the beaten path, picking up the finished house, but it turned out that the price of the house is very much liked.And when they found a suitable site for it was a small hut, so it was decided to purchase the land for their own holiday Domikan built.

suitable site found between Golitsyn and Aprelevka.


foundation laid in autumn 2001.Familiar foreman advised Tatyana to know the depth of soil freezing in their locality.Their area between Golitsyn and Aprelevka it was 1.2 m.

As we built our cottage

pit dug 1.5 m deep, and then poured a pillow of sand and gravel 0.3m.The width of the foundation of 0.4 m. His efforts fittings related special binding wire (best not to boil bursts) reinforced corners and along the perimeter of the back of the soldier's bunk beds.

foundation was used to fill the cement 500 ½.It took into account the experience of other foreman, building a house on the different types of soil, so not ordered ready-mixed concrete, taking into account the error neighbor who

ordered the spring 300 concrete for the foundation and the exfoliate.

In addition, it decided to make a jumper for reliability.This was done on the basis that in their neighborhood high ground water, and there are floaters.

spring formwork removed, try a sledgehammer foundation of the fortress, the sparks were, more than anything.Since groundwater is close, then the question arose lower lag.To exit from the situation took channels, missed kuzbaslakom and tar to be sure, to a cross-welded bolts, taps to the plate-type plugs with holes for bolts and the whole structure twisted, turned out great "spider."

When Tatiana began to explain welders that what we should be welded, they did not understand why she had all the time to draw on paper what was going to weld.

top spider lay waterproofing, how to boil the edge and it was because she kept everything under control and in time came to the construction site.Then everything fell asleep expanded clay.

solution kneaded concrete mixer which is connected to a generator, because it is not brought electricity.On the whole foundation it took nearly 40kub.m. This is at a length of 10 meters, width of 0.4 m, and the height is different becausedownhill section and was not allowed to pour neighbors.According to neighbors if Tatiana raised foundations 1 meter above the bottom of the neighbors then they would stand water.And all her arguments on the drainage ditches and pipes to drain the water had no effect - and quarreling with neighbors, she did not want.

Concrete poured hours without interruption, in shifts, that there is no separation.When pouring the foundation to use 2 mixers.In the preparation of concrete it was spent 2 Zila gravel and sand 1 MAZ.

Sewer and septic

Conclusion sewage out of the house Tatiana laid at the stage of pouring the foundation, drain pipes were laid at a depth of 1.2 m to the water does not freeze in winter.Another gave them a bias of about 25-30 degrees.A large degree made, to even at a crowded house in the septic tank did not fill.It eats at the outlet in the septic tank, the pipe turned out at a depth of 1.5 m.

Underground has 2 capacity:

  • first container - the drive is at a depth of 3.5 m. Its size - a 3x2 and a height of 2.5m. It includes the pipe from the house.It is lined with bricks, the bricks are stacked on the board, then the fittings, and on top of all filled with concrete and the top tube is withdrawn 1mh1m for pumping.
  • second vessel - the drive is at a depth of 4.5 m. Its size - a 3x2 and a height of 3 m., And also paved with bricks, and the roof is filled with concrete.From the first container derived 1h1m pipe for pumping.A capacitance coupled between the plastic pipe located at the upper edge at a distance of 30-40 cm from the edge.There are two plastic pipe section 100. The distance between the containers about 1 meter.Around the perimeter of the second container wall 10mednyh inserted tubes.From the second container brought out a plastic pipe so that you can to lower the baby (have never lowered for 6 years).The principle is: first of all the capacity falls, the second only water and poured on the copper tube is gradually disappearing into the ground (it is filtered through the sand)

At the entrance of the pipe laid in septic knee-zigzag vertically (like the knee under the sink) toto smell is not passed back to the house.

Since septic tank is located at a depth of 1.5 m bacteria are working properly.They do cost 900 rubles.3 months.Since they live in the country all year round, it orders a fire ladder, which pumps out and washed.The cost is 1,800 rubles.- Two machines 6 cubes and washing under a pressure of 4 atmospheres.Purify once a year, usually in March and April, and the rest of the time in 3 months, they evacuated a "clean" water without odor into the gutter.

As we built our cottage

walls, ventilation

walls started to build 2002godu of foam, it keeps warm and inexpensive.During the one and a half months, they laid down their wall of the house 10x10 m and 6 m in height, with openings for windows and doors.For reliability of openings stacked sill.

walls for safety are not laid in 2 rows, as they advised, and each row of masonry net with ligation corner.

was such a wall thickness - the thickness of the block - 40 cm, 5 cm guide for plasterboard, gypsum board 0.5 cm and a top coat of about 2 cm, a total of 46-48 cm.

Vented Tatiana and her husband a little confused.They sewed up sheetrock walls and then puzzled ventilation, but the yield was found.Ventilation is taken out of the bathroom and (there was not yet finish), made for the branch drawing on the kitchen unit and in the pockets of the 3rd floor brought the pipe to the loggia to the ceiling.Ironically this design was workable, flame candle is addictive and without fans abandoned.


for the construction of the roof Tatiana and her husband hired a team,

When buying protective materials for wood Tatiana advised to take the colored impregnation to be seen places where untreated wood.

That tree must be covered with protective impregnation is clear even to specialists.Therefore, Tatiana did not regret the money and bought everything necessary to protect the tree.When it began to paint all the rafters to the ground when she arrived the next day - I saw that wooden structures covered with protective impregnation is not 100%.She forced the workers to disassemble the wooden structures and carefully paint over everything.She was not happy with painting products assembled, because the joints are not processed, and in time they will spoil quickly.

After the roof covered with iron, suddenly it became clear that the gables Rooms' is not included in the work on the construction of the roof.After the talks, the workers called a price.It was great, so Tatiana refused their services.

But she was lucky again - in the nearby village of brigadier disappeared with the money that was supposed to pay the workers.They had no money.Therefore, they are at bargain prices and gables stitched and paved floors on 3 floors.

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