What is a carpet backing ANDEREP and what it eats pies

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27 May 2016

Even now, not all contractors are lining materials, recklessly considering it superfluous.And it is in vain.Several years ago, a similar situation has been on the market for laminate substrates, but now it is impossible to imagine the laminate floor without the support.

Many owners of private homes are familiar problems associated with unexpected leakages of the roof.Leaks occur primarily in the spring, during the snowmelt, when because of the difference of external and internal temperature is icing.

snow cover impedes the flow of water on the slope of the roof, there is a "stagnation" of the water and it gets into the roof space, in places dock roofing, inareas passage ventilation shafts and chimneys, installation of antennas in places, etc.Such a situation can also occur when the rain with strong gusts of wind, that in our area are not uncommon.

As you know, time is always easier to prevent a problem than to deal with its consequences.It is therefore necessary to use a carpet b

acking at the design stage and the device of the roof.In its application the water has no chance to penetrate into the roof space, even if it came under the top cover of the roof.When properly laying carpet underlay creates a single waterproofing layer covering roofing pie, through which water flows down, without prejudice to your home.And it is the quality and reliability of the backing of the carpet depends largely on the quality and reliability of the roof.

standard lining carpets often do not meet the basic requirements for this material.For example, the roofing material is easily torn, cracked, causing his appointment - waterproofing, simply fizzles.Not so long ago in the Russian construction market appeared modern innovative lining carpets brand ANDEREP.They differ significantly from the standard pads on the structure, technical and operational characteristics.

the production of carpets lining ANDEREP using modern high-quality materials, reliability and durability, which is confirmed by laboratory tests and natural.Bituminous mixture with special polymer additives makes carpet flexible, elastic and, thus, is very reliable.This mixture has the function of "self-healing": when fixing roofing nails, a mixture tightens the hole, firmly adhering to the nail and preventing the formation of leaks.It is this mixture is responsible for absolute waterproof lining carpets ANDEREP, providing them with high heat resistance and flexibility, they do not crack when severe frosts, and not flowing at extreme heat.

Today, there are three versions of this grade carpet lining: ANDEREP BARRIER, ANDEREP PROF and ANDEREP GL.

ANDEREP BARRIER - it is self-adhesive, waterproofing carpet underlayment, which is used in places most likely leaking roof (valley, eaves and roofs at angles of less than 120), the carpet backing is recommended for placing under shingles.In the main area of ​​the roof under the shingles offered ANDEREP PROF carpet backing or ANDEREP GL.

ANDEREP PROF - a universal carpet backing, which can be used for all types of roofing (metal, corrugated sheets, natural, and composite shingles).The undeniable advantage ANDEREP PROF and ANDEREP BARRIER is a possibility of their use as a temporary roof during breaks in work for a long period even in the winter time (more than 6 months be).All

Lining carpets ANDEREP series are lightweight, which facilitates installation on the roof, even for one person.For example, the weight of one roll ANDEREP PROF is only 20 kg, with a total area of ​​40 m2.Each carpet backing ANDEREP series has an extremely high strength due to the used in the composition of the high-strength polyester and glass fiber.You can be sure that the material will not break the strong gusts of wind.

And of course, the producers have taken care of the security: ANDEREP BARRIER ANDEREP PROF and have non-slip top layer of non-woven polypropylene (Spunbond), which ensures the safe movement of workers on the roof at large angles of slope.

Modern carpets lining brand ANDEREP - is a revolutionary breakthrough in the creation of roofing materials of last generation.The reliability of the materials confirmed by the certificate of compliance, certificate of fire safety, insurance ROSNO guarantee of 10 years and of course the positive feedback from real customers!

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