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27 May 2016

And now, the site is already purchased, the project is selected, documents are drawn up, and builders are always ready to get to work.Where to store building materials and tools?Yes and builders need somewhere to leave their belongings on time.Or another situation: the construction has not all ready (do not select a project, not furnished documents and the construction team), and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside like.In this and in another case, one way out - buying cabins.

container Bungalow - is a building for temporary accommodation of workers, in which you can equip a utility room, cottage or hozblok foreman "cabinet", posted on the site.Cabins are divided by purpose (construction, country and unit containers), the material from which they are made (wood or metal) and varieties of buildings (shields, frame, made of lumber).Delivered fully assembled and ready for use immediately after unloading.External dimensions cabins calculated based on the size of conventional body trucks or trailers in wh

ich they are transported.

block container is cabins, consisting of a light basic design of the floor and roof frames and corner profiles.From a block of containers can be made modular buildings, dock them together and removing internal partitions.Moreover, such structures can be put on each other, but there is limitation in height - not more than two floors.The service life of about 15 years.Designed for home, warehouse, administrative and housing purposes.There are wood, metal construction and Garden.They are made of high quality materials and modern insulation.

Sheds, construction site (block container) designed for use on construction sites, as well as for other purposes (guard posts, domestic space, temporary accommodation).Module can be used in a variety of climates and conditions.

Metal cabins (block container).Different from wooden huts life.The warranty on them is given 5 years.Composed such cabins of a metal frame, exterior trim of galvanized sheeting, interior decoration of orgolita (DWT), forced drying wooden bunks, lining MDF or PVC panels, as well as insulation of mineral wool (50 mm) around the perimeter.

Construction cabins consist of a frame-panel construction, trimmed from the inside DVPO, ISOVER insulated and padded exterior clapboard short.There are wooden and metal

metal cabins are the most reliable and durable embodiment of the construction site huts.The main differences from the wooden huts of metal are durability and size.The metallic Module buildings ceiling height of 2.2 meters, and sizes - 2,5h6 m. The doors are made of orgolita.S quarters can be put in the partition and get a few rooms.Windows (1h1,2 m) with double glazing.The metal cabins can be installed in two floors, as well as used as offices, kiosks, shops, etc.

cabins Wooden cabins construction also called "holiday houses" because that's what they often buy at the beginning of the construction of cottages.Trim a shed outside and inside wooden paneling.Wooden cabins can be used as hozblok, summer kitchen or living room.Unlike metal, wooden cabins are warmer (this is especially important when operating in winter hut) and light (instead of reinforced concrete foundation can use the harness made of logs or boards laid on a layer of gravel mixed with sand).On completion of the shed can be used as a security post (PPC), office space, etc.At the same suburban area in this change house can make a summer kitchen or a guest house

Vacation cabins are skeleton-shield, inside decorated with fiberboard or wooden paneling, a fully insulated on the outside - a long lining.A distinctive feature - the presence of an additional room. Vacation cabins are wooden and metal .They can be used as a living room or as a warehouse for materials, items and tools during the construction of the main house.Upon completion of construction of wooden building shed can be converted to a bath-sauna, equipping it with the appropriate equipment.

Vacation cabins for builders .Choosing dacha shed, should decide on the timing and seasonality of construction.For short construction period (one summer), you can buy a wooden shed.If the construction will last for three years or more, then it will be better to use a metal shed, which is more adapted to the changes in weather patterns, because its core veneer sheet which protects the wood from the adverse effects.When choosing cabins, should also pay attention to the internal layout of the premises, as well as the material from which it will produce.Generally, interior decoration holiday hut - wood paneling.

The main difference between the wooden huts of the construction holiday is interior: in the suburban version - wood paneling, and construction - orgolit.Outside cabins are decorated with wooden paneling.Inside there is everything necessary for living: hozblok, toilet, shower.

Depending on the duration of the construction and the planned life of the cabins, you can buy the carcass, boards or design of timber.

Shielding cabins is very cheap and short-lived.Exterior finish is made of non-integral lining, and the interior - from MDF.Between them is placed insulation (foam plastic or glass).The roof was covered with iron.Floor consists of boards whose thickness is 21 mm.The cost of these huts is in the range of 10-12 thousand rubles.

disadvantage is the lack of ribs, which means that after some time the shed "to lead."

Frame cabins is in the best quality-price ratio.The main load-bearing structure - a wooden frame made of timber 50x50 mm.It is he who gives the change house stability and ability to withstand high loads.Interior and exterior is made of lining, plywood or hardboard.This finishing material effect on the final cost of the cabins.The most expensive is the lining, but shrinkage cabins it will not swell or bulge, as plywood or chipboard, which besides still absorb moisture well and deformed.

Another advantage of the frame hut is to perform a double floor and ceiling: Lower - rough board, top - floor board with a minimum thickness of 32 mm.Insulate skeleton cabins on all sides by walls, ceiling, floor.Basically, this type of mineral wool is used Ursa (thickness 5 cm) with good heat and sound insulating properties.In addition, the vapor barrier is laid to interior finishing materials are not damp.Waterproofing a cellophane film or glassine.

cost frame cabins range from 27,000 rubles (without interior walls, with a minimum number of windows and doors) to 38-40 thousand rubles (more comfortable variant).

Bungalow of timber is the most expensive and durable.It is executed from coniferous timber 100x150 mm.Since the inner and outer sides of timber to be prostrugan and joints warmed lnovatinom or tow.The walls do not usually get off and carry out the ceiling lining, internal partitions and doors.

roofs of huts all varieties carried out one or gable.Shed roofs are mostly made in small (up to 5 m long) huts.The roof is made of galvanized iron sheets.The windows in the base case includes folding open with one glass.Depending on the length of the cabins set one or two windows measuring 80x80 cm. In the double glass will have to pay 400-500 rubles for each window.For an additional window, additional paneled door or a dial have to add 1 200 - 1 500 rubles.Double insulation - 50-70 rub. / Sq.m.

Do not rely on year-round accommodation in cabins, because even warmed the walls have a thickness of 80-85 mm.Even if the heater is used, the heat will still go away quickly