A warm shower at the cottage

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27 May 2016

Even when vacationers do not live in a country house all year round, in the summer they spend a lot of time.That is why many are thinking about how to equip your home and land properly and create at least minimal comfort.One of the first buildings in the country is usually the shower - the easiest and more comfortable and heated water.

After cottage shower Foxic new posts rotted, unable to withstand the next winter test, the hostess has conceived to build a more robust new one.Old building, served for ten years, was a plank cabin with a framework of timber 50x50 cm, black barrel on the roof and a hole to drain from the bottom.

To the new structure of the inhabitants of the house presented a number of requirements: it had to be warm, with heated water and a full locker room.Given the limited budget and lack of running water in the area, Foxic decided to build a wood-fired hot-water in the shower column.According to the instructions This device must be connected to the water supply.To create the require

d water pressure, the hostess came up to raise the barrel of water higher.

was thus calculated the height of future buildings, other dimensions determined based on the size of the pallet in the shower columns and dimensions owners themselves.Thus, the size of the soul made 2,5h1,6h2,5 m. For the base, lying on the foundation blocks and paving tiles, timber was used 150h100 see pretreated with preservative.

Under the column for the pan supports have been laid, cut planks for the floor.Turning them, Foxic received subfloor.Then, the timber was built 50x50 frame, which is outside the new posts sheathed clapboard.Then he summed up under the roof structure.

Since upstairs shower was to set the barrel of water, the hostess has conceived to make the roof similar to the roof rack of the car.Over the pent roof sloping she made the basis of the bar to a level site.It then determines the barrel, which will be filled with water from the well using a pump.

Finally, it was possible to begin warming the soul, making the interior walls and plank floor.Hostess insulated with rock wool, putting it between the beam.On top of her furniture stapler consolidated parogidroizolyatsiyu.Insulate the entire building: the ceiling, the walls and even the door.

passing copper tubes through the ceiling and chimney Foxic processed sealant for parquet color "pine".The rest of the gap near the pallet, boxes, etc.Lead transparent silicone sealant bath.
windows were made of polycarbonate, which remained on the reconstruction of the greenhouse.Roof new posts lay evrocherepitsey, exterior walls covered "Neomidom" siding installed on top of it.The interior walls are covered with two layers of "Dyufateksa."

thermal insulation of walls near the columns Foxic made of insulating material for the chimney on top of it to fasten sheets of aluminum foil.Near the entrance are located hanger and bench-woodsheds.The frame box is made of remnants of lumber scraps and trimmed with clapboard.The seat is made of floorboard.

walls inside were chipped clapboard, paved, polished and lacquered flooring, water heater, and they brought her water, made thermal insulation of walls near the columns, derived chimney and equipped changing rooms.

plans to make exterior stair-steps, shelves, attachment for watering cans, mirror on the door, on the roof - a platform for access to the barrel and a ladder to her.Foxic shower area before going to lay tile.


  • unplaned timber 150h100;
  • unplaned timber for 50x50 frame;
  • planed timber 50x50 for door opening and the door frame;
  • three-meter Lining of class C;
  • Flooring h36;
  • steam "Pleneks";
  • insulation Rockwool;
  • evroshifer "Ondulin";
  • cream siding "Alta-profile" and accessories thereto;
  • foundation blocks;
  • paving slabs 50x50 cm;
  • sheets for insulation of chimneys;
  • aluminum sheets for the insulation of the walls near the speaker;
  • transparent silicone sealant for baths;
  • parquet sealant "Pine";


  • wood-burning water heating facility "Silistra";
  • chimney with insulation type "sandwich";
  • the water flexible hose;
  • barrel;
  • shower tray.


Summer shower was built Foxic yourself for 3.5 weeks.The first building has withstood the test successfully.The water column is heated quickly enough: 80 liters - for 20-30 minutes.In my heart very warm thanks to the stove and chimney.An light and electricity - the owner has done a dryer outlet and hung energy-saving lamp.Waste water does not stay in the pit.

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