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26 May 2016

House was conceived as a summer residence, but it was necessary to comply with certain conditions: the possibility of winter overnight stays.The probability of simultaneous arrival of three sons, along with their wives (need 3 bedrooms on the second floor), a warm toilet, hot water and shower in the house.

main condition - keep the money - in 750tysch rubles.At first she thought to buy panel house.Erected quickly, a lot of pluses, one minus - burning 15 minutes, and give credit to 5 years, and prices high!Accidentally Nataliya heard about the construction of houses on TISE.Inquired the Internet, bought two books.TISE-2 - because giving is not permanent.

The construction

According to the plan size of the house was supposed to 8x8 on the inner contour and a terrace during his 2x8.For residential buildings, Natalia took the local brigade.All of them explained, demonstrated, gave up a book with the technology of TISE and left.


Calling workers - naverteli holes, begin pouring concrete ... Natalia a

nd her husband arrived at the site immediately, and see a picture.The plot her corner, the road on both sides.Rather than fall back on the road of 3m.On the one hand, and 5m.on the other hand, the workers drilled a hole right in the middle section!After checking the depth of the hole it turned out that nowhere desired depth - 1.3 meters, with no holes, "sole", and the clay soil!Fill she canceled, shows where to make new holes and the depth of coca and she and her husband left.


again call for workers: start pouring!Once they arrived, trying and gave the nod to fill.Concrete grabbed, trying - 8x8 outer loop, as was the Inland.She paid for the work of the pillars and laid off workers.

had to look for a new team.A friend helped her husband, gave his best team of Moldovans.They went on and made a raft foundation.They worked, slowly, technology after the 5th series does not comply!Sutures are not overwritten, some units are not formed on the wall and on the boards.Neighbors said they were two days of work, and the rest work part time in the neighboring areas.Constantly they ended cement.When she then calculated the amount of cement - would be enough to build a garage.


August 18 Moldovans put on the roof of roofing material and left home for the winter.On 20 August the wind and rain - roofing decided to fly!To the house did not stay for the winter without a roof, Natalia had to urgently buy iron, and the shopkeeper asked her team to cover the roof of the Urals this iron!To then not to cut the pipe under the roof it has acquired a fireplace, and the husband picked it until the roof is covered with metal!

cover the roof, Uralsky Master left, and no one was to plaster the walls.Good friends helped her, offered a brigade of Tajiks (Pickup).Along the way, she learns about the bulk material Perlite and orders.Bring on the next day.

Tajiks working from dawn to dusk!Knead by hand, trowel!However, perlite they are unhappy - it is light and slides on the wall, if not smudge immediately.Seventh in September for the first time Natalia flooded fireplace.Walls is raw but warm to the touch!In September, the season closed, and work began to buy materials for further construction.

Home 2008 season

In March 2008, Natalia and her husband have started to finish.We spent the night in the house, heating fireplaces and heaters.On the walls are glued cork (cork roll of 10 meters - the substrate under the flooring), glued panel under a rock, my husband nailed Block House, and she's beautiful.

Every weekend, she and her husband gladly went to the country and engaged in its finish.

Outside the house has been plastered with a mixture of cement with perlite.The floors are insulated with two layers.Black paper, the layer of expanded clay 10-15 cm, double layer cotton insulation Rokvol, again on top of the black paper and board.In summer, on top the entire surface of the floor lined sheets Magnelita 0.8 sm.tolschinoy, foamed film and the finale - a laminate.


experience of last winter showed that the house is warm and dry.But instead of expanded clay Natalia believes that it is better to fill perlite.In addition, during the construction of the house should always be on the construction site and control the process!We should be interested in the latest materials.

few friends Natalia already using forms TISE but not TISE-2, A-3 TISE (for permanent residence) - you are being built slowly.

Heating homes

The house is heated by only the first floor.The second floor is for children and guest, and there are mats "good heat."The house is heated by a fireplace and convectors.In the fireplace room, it comes out in a kitchen area (with the shelves in the photo), two programmable convector 2.0 kW.The size of the room about 30 sq. / M., And the ceiling height of 3m.She wanted 2.5, but Moldavians have decided on the.She came, and openings for windows is already done!190cm height windows.Now for the warm-up is necessary to include a smooth fan - he drives warm air downward.


Electric heaters 5 days a week keep the temperature of 5-7 degrees, and on Friday triggered the program by 23 degrees to 16.00 and the arrival of the owners is warm.The bedroom and the office for 1.5 kW heaters.The bedroom and small office 2.75h2.75.

Natalia noticed that, in the bedroom convector hanging on the left wall from the window and felt the cool, although the thermometer at the level of the tribe says that the heat ... In the office of the convector under the window - there is a very rapid heating of the room!

House has insulated."Shuba" perlite 1.5-2.0 cm., But could be thicker.In the summer they made their own blind area.


in her area well, the water in the house there, but so far only in the form of a pumping station and hoses.The bathroom is located behind the fireplace (from a warm and dry.) Linoleum on the floor, ceiling panels, wall panels, too.In the bathroom, the hatch into the cellar.Spring Natalia going to lay water pipes and make a septic tank.Toilet with grinder so the pipes are not clogged and water to spend less.Who uses a bio-toilet.

the weekend night was -11S.In the hallway, when we arrived the temperature was - 1C and obmerzli wall!Last winter this was not noticed - the hall, as such, it was not there, and this part of the house plasterers spring.In appearance frost it became clear that Moldovans save on Leca and in the corner was not asleep.A layer of plaster with perlite in this place thin.

Conclusion: each step of mercenaries must be controlled!Failure to comply with technology leads to higher construction and hassle as well as contribute to the compilation of a negative opinion on this type of building.

Application perlite

plot at the Yaroslavl highway - solid clay.To improve the soil perlite should mix with the clay.About Natalia learned this method by accident.He conducts training - participant of the training proved Florist - he announced this method to improve soil quality.Perlite does not rot, do not contract the disease, it carries oxygen, retains water in the soil - in general, one's health!She intends peremesit clay with perlite, add manure and see how it will give effect.

Past summer on pure clay vegetation was not observed, so Natalia began experiments with perlite.On-free "noble soils" are places concrete paths and natural draining of waters - downhill section.

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