Shingles - a giant step forward

By Admin | Building
26 May 2016

Questions for certified builders RUFLEX
1. How have become more reliable and the different quality of bituminous materials (such as shingles), today's generation on the basis of modified bitumen, from those used in the construction of 10-20years ago, based on oxidized bitumen such as "roofing felt"?
2. What mistakes when installing shingles are most affected by the decline of quality and service life of such a roof?
3. How often do you have to control as the foreman of the process of installing shingles and why?
4. Your opinion on the need for a carpet lining to be modified on the basis of bitumen.What are their advantages and disadvantages?

SERGEY tell fortunes, the company "Brigadier»
Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region.
1. Significantly increase the plasticity of the material, which allows installation at low temperatures, to create original shapes of the roof and implement a variety of architectural designs.It is extending the life of shingles that really save costs, both financial a
nd moral.Customers who choose RUFLEX, do not spare, roofing shingles are reliable and beautiful for years to come.

2. I think that the biggest mistake is to incorrectly mounted skeleton of the roof;if the attic - frame and insulation system.But we should not forget that the roof - a complex system of interacting elements, components and replace roofing system manufacturer for analog components from other manufacturers should not, even in the order, as it seems the developer, economy.And to spoil itself when laying shingles, you have to be more "professional."

3. Basically, the monitor comes with mounting frame of the roof.I as a leader is to be sure that the foundation and construction solutions of the basic units of the roof are OK, keeping the geometry that ensures reliability.A RUFLEX a qualitatively prepared surface will not be put enormous effort.

4. What can I say about the need for a carpet lining to be modified on the basis of bitumen?We must believe the manufacturer.The first and only thing, in my opinion, the advantage - the additional insulation, with a lot of advantages arising from the longer lifetime manufacturer's warranty and the savings funds spent on the roof.Among the shortcomings can only wave in the first year after the installation of roofing material, but after two years of operation, they disappear ... and only the "wealth" and benefits.

Vladimir E. Galan,
(«literacy ROOFING SYSTEMS»)
Moscow region.
1. The first modern bitumen materials, and RUFLEX primarily distinguished by increased service life, extended temperature range and the ability to use installation without the use of mastic (surfacing and "self-adhesive").All this is achieved by introducing special additives, such as copolymers of styrene-butadiene-styrene-ene, atactic polypropylene, various grades of rubber.Created on the basis of modified bitumen roofing materials are comparable in durability to other building constructions.The important role played by the decoration of modern asphalt roofing materials, which creates wide field for the realization of creative ideas of designers and architects.

2. The most common mistakes when installing roof of shingles - a:
  • «Economy" on component.
  • Incorrect device of joints and valleys.
  • Poor sealing pipes and roof penetrations.
  • Carrying out work in bad meteorological conditions with no shelter.
  • Violation of the correct sequence of operations when the roofing.

3. It depends on the complexity of the work and skills of team roofers.

4. I think it necessary to use lining carpets, and the volume of their application should be calculated specialist, based on the parameters of a particular roof.