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26 May 2016

While SedoyChel sick, the builders made the foundation and paved the pipe.When he checked with the plan, it seemed to him that the pipes are not paved, where it was planned.After obtaining a building permit SedoyChel talked with the architect and found that they did not paved there, so soon everything will be redone.

After signing the permit to build a house on a construction site work immediately revived.There were brought up and installed the crane, cement mixer, the bricks of the Austrian company Wienerberger, the brand Terca, and other building materials.


First began to raise a wall adjacent to the wall of a neighbor.And with it came a story.

Wall neighbor

By law, the first who began to build the house has the right to build a wall of a neighbor.The fact that live only on your wall is not very comfortable.She is thin and quickly begins to dampen.SedoyChel neighbor warned him not to erect a wall, because he, too, is soon going to build a house.A neighbor did not pay any attention to his words and bu

ilt it.

After that SedoyChel there are two options: either to buy the wall and build a home on the columns, or to build another, a wall and narrow house.Columns to put expensive, so he decided to narrow down the house and build a wall.

As a result, between the houses got three walls.Neighbor course was not very happy, the wall cost him 7,000 euros, but it warned.He came and reduced the size of the house SedoyChel.

the external walls of the house

Builders started putting face brick.Initially it planned to 7 rows of dark bricks that dirt is not particularly conspicuous, and then will light bricks, straw-colored.

garage walls

check with drawings SedoyChel noticed that the entrance to the garage a little bit does not correspond to the plan, turned into the wall, but they must be right.To what did not happen, and learn why not build according to plan, the next day he met with the architect and foreman.As he suspected, the workers were building a house for the very first project.And this, despite the fact that the management of construction has already been told that they do not build on that project at a time when pipe from the foundation are not brought there.

to again something not to confuse all who are engaged in the construction of the house, again clarified with each other on what the plan should build it.

supervisor politely explained to the workers that have to redo everything.Workers were unhappy, but there is nothing they had to redo everything.

design the walls and roof

Facing brick (straw-colored) and the bearing wall (red) to each other are not connected in any way, not to create thermal bridges.They stand on a common foundation and are built in parallel.Thickness of bricks 14 cm., And the inner bearing wall 30 cm.

Between them fit insulation 60mm polystyrene production STYRISOL (XPS).In Belgium for home insulation requirements "K - no more than 45" and "E - no more than 100".

Construction of walls

Raised outer walls of the first floor and started the construction of the internal.By the weekend plan to put an overlap of the first floor.
During construction, the outer walls were left holes for a link between the internal and external walls.Soon it was built interior walls.
A week later, the floor decks were stacked between the first and second floors, poured concrete floor and the second floor exterior walls are raised by 80 centimeters.

Laying nets

During construction of the house SedoyChel Laying nets are not filled.Apparently, it is not necessary to do.In Belgium, the architect and the construction company give 10 year warranty on the house.Therefore, it is not profitable to save on construction, as will fix at their own expense.


Paul resembles a layer cake:
concrete floors;
Cement screed;
Laid communications - electricity, heating, water;
insulation layer;

screed flooring.

Since SedoyChel roof had lifted higher to catch up to the roof of a neighbor, it became possible to raise the ceiling on the second floor.

Window Covering made of beams, within which the reinforced concrete.

reinforced beam above the window

During construction of the house often drizzling rain, so the construction has slowed down a little bit.Finished exterior walls and floors are visible from the ground a little bit inside.They put

ceiling of the second floor and poured concrete.

Deadlines contract sometime in the summer, so that they can still bravely take a break.And the Christmas holidays have now begun.

When the weather improved, masons tried using every minute.Floors are ready niche under the window too.

Windows and doors

Alex went into operation, the office to discuss the last details before ordering windows and doors.A couple of days will come to take measurements.Production time windows 8 weeks.

On the first floor, where the large windows and doors, decided to install tempered glass.And the windows will be built-in automatic ventilation.

Blue Stone

Blue Stone promised a lift.From it made rapids on the ground floor and window sills on the second.

government initiative

local governments to combat the crisis and to encourage people preparing to build, wants to reduce taxes in 2009 from 21% to 6% for the first 50,000 euros.It is 7,500 euros savings for Alex.

In connection with this news, the owner of the builders went to meet him, and stopped invoicing until everything is cleared up.It SedoyChel on hand, as it is already necessary to make the following 25%, and the payment is delayed for a month.


Starts A vague roof.Because the wall under the roof quite high, dismiss them without support for a long time is not desirable, and builders go on vacation with 19/12 for 5/01.So builders are trying to put all the beams and roof close the film until the end of the week.

Slowly growing number of roof trusses.SedoyChel But it seems that there are more than planned.Perhaps, when it came to the roof, we decided that the design is not enough to secure tiles and everything should be strengthened.Strengthen their own expense, and the entire roof is obtained in the rafters.On the screen of the attic is not affected, additional parts are in the uppermost part.

Heating homes

SedoyChel decided to heat the house with gas, its price, it turns out about 70 cents per m3.In order to connect to a gas pipe, it is enough to dig a trench taps that are on the street and fit close to the site.The rest of the communication also announced in the same way.


Finally the builders made the roof structure, closed its film and even had time to put the gutters and downspouts connected on one side.

gone ... And the Christmas holidays until the 5th of January.

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