The roof of my house

By Admin | Building
26 May 2016

Roof - the most important element in the house.Without a roof our house which will not be protected from the weather and the appearance of the building will not be completed.Therefore, when designing buildings architects pay special attention to the roof.

But the roof can not exist without a roof.Why is that?

Because the roof - it's the building envelope, but the roof - a roof top protective element that protects the building from the weather is not.

What are varieties of roofs:

  1. gable - is the most common design.
  2. Pent - this roof is able to protect from the wind, snow and rain.Mostly it is used in the auxiliary buildings (warehouses, annexes, etc.).
  3. hip roof give your building a representative appearance.This roof can boast the presence of skylights.
  4. Hip roof its distinctive feature is a symmetrical shape that combine on top.
  5. mansard roof appeared not long ago, because of the desire of people to turn the attic into the living room (attic)

So, the roof is the only element of the buildin

g, but the most important part is the roof.If you can not properly create roof structure we get in the summer unbearably stuffy room, and in the winter the real disaster in the form of wet walls and dripping from the ceiling.

How should look like regular roof construction (roofing pie):

  1. truss system - it's what keeps the whole roofing pie.For its manufacturing used softwood trees parody.Vapor
  2. (with connecting belt) If the roof construction will not insulators used - this would lead to condensation and resulting in the destruction of the structure.
  3. Insulation (insulation) is needed to maintain coolness in summer and warmth - in winter.
  4. Waterproofing need for that would, the moisture penetrated into the building construction.
  5. Crate - needed for roof decking.
  6. sheathing serves to secure the waterproof film.
  7. roofing material - a metal tiles, shingles, ceramic tiles, etc.
  8. Component parts for the roof is divided, depending on the functions performed at: the elements of the drainage system, roof ventilation system elements, fastening elements, the struggle with snow.

So to summarize:

  1. good roof must withstand wind and snow loads.
  2. roof should provide good ventilation of all rooms under the roof.
  3. And most importantly, the roof of your home should be equipped with overflow device.

In conclusion, I would like to give one piece of advice: do not skimp on the cake roofing.Then it will last you a very long time.