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26 May 2016
too narrow portion for home?

What if you are the owner of a long, but narrow area, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1,300 square meters.m, which has the shape of a scalene trapezoid?Consider an example where the holders of such far from ideal piece of land having a side entrance to the yard width of about 24 m, and on the reverse - 21 m., Were able to equip every centimeter of his possession.

observing all regulations and reckoned from the border area, according to the standards required distance, it turned out that the house itself and the access road to it, there are very few places.Another problem could be disadvantageous location of future home against the cardinal.The entrance to the courtyard is in the south, so if you build a building close to the street, the whole recreation area would be located on the north side, which will agree, not every soul.

reasonable solution was the construction of the house on the north side, of course, with all the necessary rules departing from the border area."Buffer zone
" owners thought through very carefully.For example, along the western side of the site was scheduled driveway to the garage."Family" part of the garden were placed around the kitchen garden (the east side), and the economic zone and part of the garden, with shade-loving plants - the house.On the front part was built terrace overlooking the beautiful garden, located on the street side.In this way, the owners have used every square meter of valuable land!

long stone building is designed in such a way that it follows the contours of the site and a bit like, tapering aft ship.The main entrance to the house made on the west side, with the access road to the garage, which is at the end of a residential building.

relax on the roof.

two-storey building without a basement covered with three flat roofs, gardens that are "ladder", down to the back of the house.

first roof is above the high part of the two-story, in which are the main areas of the house.In the residential part is located the economic and technical (laundry room, boiler room, and a relaxation room and sauna) area, which covers the second, middle and located below the roof.The third is located above the roof of a large double garage and fenced off place for bicycles and garden tools.

garden, situated on the highest roof can be used.It is available for households due to a steep staircase installed in the library on the second floor.A small "staircase" leads into the superstructure on the roof, in the shape of a cylinder and cover the transparent roof.Around her, a wooden terrace which is decorated with large concrete caissons with plants.From there, overlooking the adjacent areas on the roof, located below, for which it is impossible to get, but they also planted low mountain plants and beautiful grass.

were built terraces?Concrete lines on the top floor have covered the special thick oilcloth from which made a special "collar" and warmed with a thick layer (20 cm) plates made of solid polystyrene.Where should Bat plants, emptied a drainage layer (10-15 cm of small stones).After that, at selected locations bends made from the roof for rainwater.The system is based on the fact that, after passing through the layers of "green" roof, and through the wooden floor terraces, water flows down the special drainage from the highest part of the roof of the other, located below, and then - in the irrigation canals, dug in the ground atentrance to the garage, as well as for him (from the garden).Such water flowing down from the roof, irrigate greens, growing at other levels, and the surplus is collected in wells used for watering the garden.

drainage layer covered geovoloknom from which the sides made "collars" in height (depending on location) 20 or 40 cm. Geovolokne decomposed peat.The thickness of the layer is, respectively, 20 or 40 cm. In the fragments of the roof, where there are only mountain plants and herbs used by a layer of 20 cm, and for trees and bushes - 40 cm, because they are (although it's only dwarf rock) requires littlemore land.In order to protect the plants from the big drought in the caissons to "recreational" roof carried an automatic watering.The remaining fragments of the roof are watered solely by precipitation.

sun-lit house.

interior of the house consists of three main segments.The highest two-story part of the building occupies a ground floor room (room with terrace), dining room, kitchen, guest room, bathroom, hall and porch.

On the second floor there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a library area with access to the east balcony.Between floors there was a place for the cabinet and exit to the west terrace.Floors joins together an open staircase, lit from above by special window.The second segment consists of a house utility room and sauna, while the last part is a garage with a technical niche.

Location facilities planning, focusing on the movement of the sun.In the dark, the north side of the building there is a garage and all the economic premises.To the east, placed a kitchen and dining room, on the top floor is the master bedroom and library facilities.The southern sun heats the room and children's rooms, while the west, falls in the middle of the main entrance to the house, glazed space between floors and windows in the office.The owners are very happy with this plan because from the beginning wanted to have a sunny house.

between the kitchen and dining room are sliding doors that can be closed kitchen mess, but they rarely enjoyed the hostess, because the household like when there is a lot of space.

decorator, who helped build the house owners, advised to make the room more light and spacious.Good lighting and a dining room is provided by a long row of windows, the architect of the proposed home.All along the walls of the dining room and the hall is glazed, which combines perfectly with the interior garden.

bright, sunny atmosphere in the house, and also creates a perfectly matched color palette of the walls.Beige and yellow colors make the room more day light, under the colors of the walls are also matched the type and colors of the floor covering.Due to the fact that the entire first floor of the water floor heating installation, the owners decided to put the tiles simulating natural stone and exotic wood, which is appropriate to the type of heating.

This lovely home is not enough only to the winter garden.But, apparently, the owners realize their dream is no less interesting!