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25 May 2016

Cistern for rainwater

on local statistics in Belgium, a person consumes an average of 120l of water per day.Only in this leaves the toilet 30%.To conserve water, the government encourages the collection and use of rainwater.In addition, it saves money, because rainwater - shareware.In addition, during the heavy rains the tanks reduces the amount of water that runs off the streets.

Cistern for rainwater

water from drains from sedoychel will be collected in a tank on 10000l.From it, she will be fed into the garage, garden and toilets.But excess water will be discharged into the public sewerage system.

on runoff from the roof rack of detention put garbage, and a pump which pumps water from the tank, filters.The tank itself must be cleaned at intervals of 5 years.

Cistern plan to bury the front of the house.The pump with all communications will put in the garage.On

week winter came, and construction stopped ... .In Belgium frosts do not stay long.

After the onset of warming, the snow melted, and 3 days in working

time to put shingles, install windows on the roof and partly paved inner tubes for water and heating.Pipes from plastic to colored casing.Type hot-cold, but not everywhere.In the garage are two blue tubes, signed marker where cold and hot where.

Electrical supply houses

in December was made sketch-plan of the electrical wiring and heating.sedoychel expected from day to day, he will send his plan for the electrification of the house for approval.He waited in vain, because when he came to the construction site, I saw that the pipes and electricity already paved.It was found that only had no plan.

Electrical supply houses

He had to stop work, to call all parties to negotiate the details of construction and only after that the construction continued.

Electric wires lay around the house, and sent a request to the local digging for connection to water and electricity.

sedoychel yesterday showed where to lay pipes for future signaling.It shows where spotlights will be installed in the rooms and along the stairs in steps.But electricians, not to pull the wires, do not do something, then all will be forgotten.So he had everything to follow.And not to be confused where the spotlights on the stairs he took a marker and marked where you drill.
Knowingly sedoychel marks the place where lights should be.Electricians in spite of everything, still correctly summed up by the alarm wires and even the stairs to spotlights.

of electricity promises to finish soon.Electricians are preparing a package installation documentation.

Be careful

these days sedoychel received from builders account for water and electricity for 800 euros (400 and 400 rental generator fuel)!He pays all your bills on time, but the cost of the contract was not.Asked for an explanation from the owner of the company, Ms. L. said that she, too, was surprised by this account of the masons.Flick of the wrist score was crossed, instead signed and issued a new 180 euros, as agreed.

Electricians killed a water pipe.When sedoychel come the next time, the pipe was already under the fresh cement.I poked a little finger, he saw the result of the correction, and he did not like.Then he's photographed and sent photos and their claims to builders.


nearly finished roof insulation.Use ISOVER 15cm, 0.04W / (m² x K).The packaging says that it is aluminum foil.Joints along the fixed mirror tape on the sides and a stapler.

roof insulation

welcome news

government passed a law to encourage development in crisis and lowered taxes.This can save sedoychel 7500.

plaster walls

Plasterer ready mix Gyproc "LP 33 X Plus".They began to plaster the walls.(All exterior windows / doors delayed film, so rain does not fill).sedoychel thus reminded the builders, that they cut the pipe is not plastered.And they promised to fix it in time and repeated that everyone remembers ....

Plastered walls

finally put heaters in the house, so the plaster can be safely, without fear that something then fall off.

In Belgium, the walls are not shpaklyuyut and plastered white smooth plaster, once a tint.

local classics

If the owner of the future house in Belgium did not choose the material (brick) wall.That is, the default build a house out of this brick.This method of construction is considered to be a local classic.In the area of ​​visibility even build 4 houses.Builders are all different, the bricks are the same.

This brick costs about 50 euros per sq.m.for individuals.Probably buy it because it is cheap.

Accumulated questions to builders

sedoychel have a lot of questions, so he went to the builders to clear them.

First of all, he asked about the window.It was at the construction site, but the windows could not see.Where are they?Mrs. L. immediately began to fuss, why the customer favorite windows are not set !!!Began noise, bustle, calls ... It turned out the names confused customers, and windows sedoychel arrive within 2 weeks.

thoroughly preparing all the necessary papers for connection to electricity, water and gas.In addition, it sedoychel needed to prepare a paper on taxes.He solemnly given her with instructions to fill in, pass the chain of command and return to the builders.

Learning of this, Mrs. L. and says, "Let me help you, can I fill it herself?And if you want, I'll go in court »..... sedoychel thought, agreed.

Slowly builders begin preparations for pouring the floor insulation.It is necessary to provide the thickness of the floor covering (tiles) in each room to equalize.Therefore sedoychel had to go shopping and to measure the tile.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the construction sedoychel was not ready to spend 3000 euros per floor, and now the thought of a warm late field.This should have thought at the start of construction at the design stage becauseHeated floor eats enough useful floor height.

tile will be laid only in the bathroom, the kitchen and the garage.

almost finished plaster and finally rebuilt pipe in the kitchen sink, and brought to a future terrace.Plasterers more suited to finish the wall after installing windows and window sills.

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