Repair leaking roofs

By Admin | Building
25 May 2016

sounds, at first glance, eerily.We have to climb on the roof, though not very desirable, especially if the roof sloping.However, to repair the roof is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, if you can determine the cause of the leak.

As soon as you notice a leak on the roof, you should immediately resolve this problem.She will not go away and will only get worse with time.Perhaps the cause of leakage is difficult to establish, as the water runs down the roof, and then goes into the gutter or seeping through the walls.Sometimes the water is fitting that has really scared.In winter, ice can interfere with water to penetrate into the house, and you think that the roof is all right.

So stop the leakage of the roof.

To start, you need to climb onto the roof.Make sure your ladder - is strong enough and stable.Let someone be adhered to your ladder bottom to keep it from swinging.You can also use the ladder.And in any case, do not fix the roof immediately after rain, or else run the risk of slip a

nd fall, and the risks need to be minimized.

Once you have found the source of a leak, repair this place is not so difficult.It all depends on the cause, but there may be several:
• Damaged or roofing shingle;
• In some places, become loose nails or fastening;
• Damage waterproofing;
• Places where the roof fastened additional devices or parts.

If damaged roof, in this area it is possible to replace himself.Raise the roof section using a flat steel bar (or similar tool), remove the old and install the new section of the roof.Be sure to seal the fastening of all the places nails or rivets in the holes, if the segments were mounted on the roof of roofing adhesive.After installing a new element, all parts of the wing must stand in its place.

Often the cause of leakage can be waterproofing .

It is used on the roof in several places, for example, around a pipe and roof hatches.Waterproofing also used when installed on the roof of additional devices and elements, as well as in the joints of old and new portions of the roof.Waterproofing can be bent, damaged, or even broken, allowing water to seep through the roof into your home.

One of the most common techniques is the use of roof repair roofing special glue or resin.Roofing Adhesive can help seal the small hole under the roof or to fill a gap in the places where bad installed waterproofing.However, most of the time in the event of a leak you have to spend to replace waterproofing.Roof glue or resin may only temporarily prevent the water to seep into the house until you or a professional roofer not mend waterproofing.

If you have a wooden roof, inspect it and find all the cracks and crevices.First remove the damaged board, break them with a hammer or other heavy tools, but do it very carefully so as not to damage the adjacent boards.Remove all nails and remove all the broken pieces of boards.When installing a new board, if you live in a humid environment, make sure that it is somewhat narrower - about 3/8 inch (9-10 mm).Install the board in place with nails and nail it.Be sure to drive in two nails at an angle of 45 degrees to the board firmly held in place