The device strip foundation

By Admin | Building
25 May 2016

Generally, the use of strip foundation is most expedient when the walls of the house are built of heavy and dense materials - stone, brick, concrete, as well as the construction of houses with heavy beams.

tab strip foundation made both by external and internal capital under the wall.Thus the entire perimeter of the base should be the same cross-sectional shape.

strip foundation

This type of strip foundation is arranged when the house is planned device basement or ground floor.Tape base is also used in order to avoid deformation of the base.If the foundation is laid fairly shallow, reinforced belt used for the entire length of the strip foundation.

Generally, sole tape base located below the depth to which the ground is frozen, approximately 20cm.If the house is built on a sandy soil or dry, can tab strip foundation above the freezing depth, but not less than 50-60 cm from the ground level.Strip foundation is rarely used for deep freezing and swelling soils.

device strip foundation can not be called difficult, bu

t it is massive and relatively expensive materials.Labor costs are also very important, but the strip foundation is much safer than other types of foundations.

Depending on the material used, the thickness of the tape base can range from 100mm (for reinforced concrete) to 500 mm (for laying natural stone).By supporting walls width of the foundation may also be different - it depends on the load capacity of the ground.

using foundation blocks may accelerate the construction of strip foundation.Typically, the upper part of the strip foundation is a cap, so after the foundation derived above ground level, like its waterproofing.First, the foundation is flattened by mortar and then placed on top of two layers of roofing felt, mastic asphalt missed.

otmostki strip foundation protects from rain and surface water, so it is satisfied immediately, as soon as the foundation erected.

Some builders say that we should only use the strip footing - in any case.However, this is misleading.Small houses do not require strip foundation - it is only necessary for the construction of heavy buildings.

in heaving soils should be used not strip foundation of the individual blocks, and solid - so as to form a continuous reinforcement design.Otherwise, the foundations of the pre-engineered winter may be deformed.