The history of the construction of a log house

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24 May 2016

place that liked Sat-Electric - was the village dump, as in the old days there were landlords' stables.But despite the not so favorable factor he could see - pine, nature, civilization and certainly at least the Moskva River ...

And then he began to burn everything inside, and it was decided not to delay purchase land and build a house chopped.

First of all, he began looking for a suitable design of the house, and after found, redrew the sketches under the log house and began to search for the builders.

Sat-Electric busy man, and so was willing to pay a premium for peace of mind and bring to the construction professionals.Do not shelving them, he quickly found a contractor, signed a contract with the construction company (barely read) and work has begun to boil.

Building foundation

during site preparation for the construction was to unravel the secret of long-term cleanliness of the village, where cars do not come for garbage collection.To do this, first dig a pit for a few meters and excavated

earth is filled with a bunch of neighbor.This is a simple solution to the village administration.Following the acquisition of land (on the site landfill) he made some enemies.

But no, a blessing in disguise.Dug pit will serve as a basement in the future house, so it must be trim.Basement planned small, only a quarter of the house.It will be used for technical needs.There will be: a hydro-accumulator, water heater, filters, stabilizers and other equipment.

dug pit forces to arrange the rest of the foundation of several not as we would like.The house was close to the road, but not close to the tall trees, which he liked very much and about the safety of which he is constantly concerned.

depth of excavation under the basement of 0.7 m. After 4 meters away builders zaburivayut to a depth of 2 m. W / w stepchildren dismantled supports VLThe upper part of the rack is divided and placed into the trench bare rebar.

At the bottom of the trench sand and therefore does not require air bag.The trench builders laid the same stepchildren.Then fix the wire armature.After preparing trenches driven mixer and filled with concrete foundation.

A week filled on the foundation laid concrete blocks, raised plinth above the ground, and leveled his belt from Beser.Top plate and put a zero leveled cement screed.

Erection log

For frame Sat-Electric was able to pay off, but the foundation did not calculate the forces.Money to build a log house was left, and therefore decided to postpone the construction of the log until the spring.Partially assembled frame preservative treated and left to hibernate the contractor on the base.

winter passed, and nature took its course, and "gold" has become a "lead."Sat-Electric bit upset because of the fact that the color change logs.

Sat-Electric has signed an agreement for the construction of a log house.The promised time to build a house under a roof before August 8.Brigade stated in late October !!!The house they gathered quickly, but it shook the nerves considerably.

first promo

Laghi did not have to cut in, for monolithic concrete floors.As a result, a lower crown replacement.

Pickers home raised "well" and disappeared for almost a month.

long as they were not, it turned out that gables stored unassembled, and for the year led.Therefore, they had to cut new ones.Recent crowns of calibration.Yes, even on the crown of one mistake.

Sat-Electric work stopped until he was on the second floor of 30 cm is not raised as the project.And it was spent another 2 weeks for logging, since they did not have the desired diameter logs.

short, the builders of the diarrhea, the king's evil.That technique, the weather, the holidays, what else ... And all this continues to this day.

fifth wall in the house was not provided, so Sat-Electric worried that if 8x8 second floor may sag.But he hopes that this will not happen.

Early December was sunny and November rains receded.

Building roof

Roofers arrived a week before the New Year.But they had to wait until brought building materials.

Construction of the roof

Because of hasty alignment gables (unfortunately, he could not be kept at the facility) House lost 1.5 meters of height to the ridge and lost attic.Because of this, Sat-Electric was very upset.

Roofers tried and completed the roof on December 31.Present for the New Year prepared.Just hurry Sat-Electric is no longer needed, because all deadlines have long left.

Construction of the roof

floors on the balcony had pererubat 2 crown below and get access to the balcony step down and another space lost due to the lowering of the roof due to the loss of height gables.

still have to trim the ends of the logs, and then complete the filing clapboard eaves.


After building walls and roof, according to the Sat-Electri, the house does not look bad.In the summer he wants to grind logs and cover them with protective and finishing compositions.During this time, the house will shrink, and everything will be completely caulked.More needs to be done gutters, basement, blind area, the entrance to the basement, etc.

stragglers of the work he intends to entrust to another company.And at this point the total value of buildings was:

  • cost carcass under the contract (without foundations) amounted to - 324 thousand rubles;
  • Building - 183 thousand rubles;
  • Roof materials - 255 000 rubles.

That's how the house looked in June 2008.

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