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24 May 2016

Gesha1974 have been in the presence of an old barrel of 200 liters.From the basement there are still some necessary for the construction of suburban toilet materials: lumber 50x50 board 30h150 and screws.Members Active

immediately scheduled milestones:

  1. Cut off from the barrel ends.
  2. of timber frame build toilets.
  3. Last sheathing board.

implementation stages

first forumchanin dug a hole 25 cm wider than the diameter of the barrel.This was done in order to fill the space formed after the rubble.Father warned that turned a small hole, so quickly filled.However, it is not self-taught builder scared because messing with deep pit and surrounded by its concrete block, as her father did not want to.

After filling Bochin Gesha1974 dug in the ground polshtyka shovel on the perimeter wall and fell asleep to the gravel.Then I put in the corners and in the middle of the long sides of the six keramzitoblokov.The two spread a layer of cellophane and put it all on the frame.

carcass of the timber did no

t cause too much trouble.Material interconnected areas.Dimensions of construction were selected under a sheet of slate, which was supposed to cover the roof.

The next step was to strengthen him to the ground.To do this in the framework forumchanin drilled four holes where the inserted rebar four rod diameter of 14 mm and a length and a half meters.Rebar hammered into the ground, leaving 5 cm from the top.I put a wedge and all rasklinil.Locking out reliable.

rest of the foundation works a little bit host board cleaned and sheathed her frame.As the skin structure becomes more rigid and stable.For the roof was bought the slate.Validating made him to two boards in such a way: on top of the wave of drilled holes for screws planted rubber from inner tubes and spun.It turned out cheaply and quickly.

Thereafter painted toilet.Inside is not particularly trimmed: Cut a hole and put a cheap harnesses.The door was used old wooden.Later it was performed waterproofing.

Stretching Gesha1974 decided to make plastic sewer pipe and sewer angle 45: all attach to the back wall like the letter "G", the short end to put into a barrel, long - above slate.It remains to paint the floor and stick to the walls of the furniture stapler film.

Among the shortcomings noted forumchanin gap that appeared after plating used in the dry raw boards.

Given lumber toilet cost about 2,500 rubles.

on materials forum participant "Home and Cottage" Gesha1974

Editor: Olga Travin