Will the track to the very threshold

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24 May 2016
agree that accurate track merry brook running through all over the area, not only give your garden well maintained and attractive appearance, they provide an opportunity to move around comfortably in any weather without fear of dirt or soil oneself to fall into a puddle of rainwater.


How to equip your country site tracks, let's look at a concrete example.Initially, it was the territory, almost fit for the normal movement - there was a wooded area.To begin the owners cut trees, uprooted stumps, leveled land, and they turned the clay court, which never dries.They had to move over bumps, choosing the most high and dry, or how to navigate through the swamp, laying mash of mud thick pine branches and strengthening their stakes.

Hosts plot conceived a complete redesign and work plan will be approximately:
• The organization tracks
• Construction of greenhouses, which will be based concrete and masonry
• A warm shower, installed on strip foundations
• The basis for the porch

After a long process o
wnersStill have arranged a suburban area, paved paths pavement, equipped playgrounds and recreation areas, and decided to share their experiences with readers.

So, after a little research, it was concluded that:

• Direct walkway leading to the threshold of the house right from the gate, visually reduce the area and very well reviewed, but the slight bend, on the contrary, increases the space
• The width of the tracks andIt affects the visual effect of narrowing or expanding space

While it has become clear that it is necessary to delve into the intricacies of concrete and cement works and some formulas were derived for the most functional performance.

most optimal proportions for the preparation of cement and concrete mix:
• One bucket of sand and gravel, half a bucket of cement for making concrete solution
• A bucket of sand and a third bucket of cement for the preparation of mortar required when casting tiles and masonry

All components should be emptied into a special container, mix the first dry, then add small portions of water and knead until smooth mixture.As the container can take an old tub, and a solution suitable for mixing chopper.Spread the solution in formwork can be trowel - a shovel is faster but heavier.

When making tiles tracks have to use plastic molds.The form of the pre-lubricated with engine oil, and then put in her mortar.In two forms of one batch of cement needed solution.

Features Casting forms:
1. Fill the form of a solution, and shake.
2. Put the form on a flat surface and leave for two days.
3. After two days an inverted and left for 7-10 days.
4. Ready to put the tiles on the edge of the perimeter of the foundation of the house.

Before using tiles should be thoroughly dried.Then prepare a sand cushion height of 8-10 cm and start packing.Having laid the tiles on a sandy base, adjust its position with a special tool.

main functional tracks can be laid out in two rows of tiles for the rest will be only one number.

Besides tracks on the site can be built and paved areas, just so did the home garden.This recreation area adjacent to the landing, where vacationers relax, dine and spend leisure time with guests, near the shower area, and a playground in a niche near the house and the economic unit.This paved area has an irregular shape and is a part of the ensemble, which consists of an alpine slide, an artificial pond and stone vases for hops.

Hosts suburban area started to work on the improvement in 1998-99 and still are working on the creation of comfortable living conditions