Arbour for wife

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24 May 2016

RUSalka conceived with her husband to build a gazebo in the country.No new posts had long dreamed of building overgrown with vines and flowers, where they could relax and read a book.Caring husband supported the idea and went to the construction site, the benefit was a master of all trades.We decided to put the gazebo 3x4 meters and 2.3 meters high (between the floor and ceiling beams), with a hipped roof.

hostess pointed out the location on the site that was to occupy the building, and sketched out a rough plan it, of course, on the female point of view: here dwell fragrant roses, and here hang lightweight curtains that kolyshimye breeze will close on hot summersun.

husband listened carefully to the Air Fantasy and took inspiration for their implementation.We bought the right material: timber, floor boards, fasteners.First of timber piled square while soaking his fire and Bioprotective composition.Construction grew slowly because the construction of the gazebo was carried out only one day off - Sunda

y.RUSalka argues that if we take the job seriously, everything can be finished in a week.

Two weekends later when pilitelno-milling and mounting work has been completed, the area has adorned frame.What is most needed and most importantly in the gazebo?Of course, the place where you can comfortably stay.Without thinking, the owner set to lager.Skillful hands flitted in and lounger formed from scraps of boards and beams.

Later owners realized their mistake: lager had to be done to lift the lid, so you can hide to mattresses, pillows, hammocks and other necessary little things for a country holiday.

then proceed to the installation of the roof: the owner built and covered RUSalka impregnation.Arbour was painted fashionable color "Wenge" stressed the contrasting white details.Openwork trellis on the frame construction has given a sophisticated look.Two sides of the arbor left open: one - for the hammock, and the second - to attach a barbecue, which my husband new posts are still no clue.

's turn to dignify "the room".The concept of "interior decoration┬╗ RUSalka perceived differently, crimson distribute pillows and other beauty.However, her husband began to cover the roof with shingles brown.The floor was also painted with three coats of wenge - luxury and near-natural.

new posts said that after a month of intensive manual color change, which could not fail to please the owners, who did not want to cover the construction Yachting varnish.

Along the perimeter of the entire roof installed a plastic gutter with a drain pipe from behind, and then tested the reliability of the gazebo: eight people with a stay at the round table, have experienced all of the comfort of the building.

Summer is coming to an end, so that the rest of the work had to be postponed for the next season.Namely, hang curtains, put flowers around, oblitsevat bottom, conduct electricity, which is already stocked white lanterns.Anticipating an interesting pastime in the spring, RUSalka managed to plant a few bushes of grapes, whose number has tripled in a week.

in snowy regions, built with shingles is better for the winter to strengthen, for example, temporary helpers at the center of the roof: bad snow slides on a roof and it can push.

According RUSalki their winter construction is not terrible: the roof is made with a slope of 13 degrees.It is assumed that the owners would clear it of snow, as well as the area around the gazebo.Tying pillars made of timber beams 100x100 lumpy.In the corners located at the site of ligation of the upper row and columns, the owner drove the anchor bolts 180-200 mm, linking together just three beams.In winter closed gazebo reinforced film to snow and rain fall not harm her.

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