The cost of the roof

By Admin | Building
24 May 2016

To determine the cost per meter of the roof is necessary: ​​

First, you must determine for themselves the type of roof covering for your roof.Is it slate, ceramic tiles, shingles, composite tile or metal, etc.

The cost of the roof All questions on the choice of roofing material is best solved yet in the design process, because the design of the roof depends on the type of coating.All materials differ in weight and the method of installation.For example, for the installation of ceramic tiles need a powerful truss system and reinforced sheathing with a certain pitch, depending on the size.And for shingles, which is easier ceramic 5-6 times, you need a solid base (plywood).

Secondly, once you have decided on the type of coverage, you must choose the model and color.In the Russian market there are many manufacturers of roofing.Each of them produces and sells a variety of products from economy class to luxury models in different colors, shapes and forms, differing in price.This is an important factor that affects the cost

of the roof.

In order to understand the variety of materials from different manufacturers is best to contact a specialized shop.Store managers will help you with advice, will make a detailed calculation of all the necessary building materials and roof elements and give advice how to put this type of roofing.Thus it is necessary to clarify whether this kind of material in stock, or it must be ordered in advance.

Each individually designed house roof, and its cost can be called after a thorough examination of the draft of the roof.It includes roofing materials, components and additional elements of the roof structure.Therefore, the complexity of the roof depends on the number of components and elements for its devices.The more material is used, the more expensive cost per square meter of roof.It must be remembered that during the construction of complex roof increases additional material to "bleed" that can reach 50% of the roof area.

complexity of the roof is determined by the number of planes.The roof, which from 1 to 4 refers to simple planes - a lean-and gable roof.They are used usually in the construction of terraces, porches and outbuildings.If the number of planes from 4 to 10 - a roof medium complexity, and 10 or more - of the roof complex.

addition to the roofing material in the construction of the roof, the following construction materials and components:

  • elements of wooden structures (The cost of the roof rafter system crate);
  • insulation, waterproofing, vapor barrier (for insulation mansard roof);
  • underlay ventilation elements (aerators);
  • materials and elements for arranging binder overhangs;
  • elements abutting the walls and chimneys;
  • elements of gutter system;
  • dormers;
  • decorative items and ornaments of the roof;
  • elements of snow retention, and security;
  • ridge and spinal elements;
  • curtain, wind braces;
  • fixing elements;
  • communicating elements (antenna output, sewer outlets, etc.).

As a result, the cost of the roof will consist of the cost of roofing materials, components, roofing accessories and other items.Also need to consider the cost of materials Roofing, which is from 50 to 100% of the cost of materials.To this must be added factors such as the distance of the object area of ​​the roof, the complexity and height of the roof.

Do not forget that you get not just a set of building materials.You build a complex roof design, with all the necessary materials, delivery and installation.

What you need to know when buying roofing materials

savings on building materials is expensive .The cost of the roof As a rule, the cheaper material, the faster it breaks down and needs to be replaced.A remake of the roof is more expensive than the new styling.Quality materials are not cheap.And the expression "miser pays twice", is particularly suitable when choosing a roofing material.This applies to all elements of the roof, because it can lead to leaks, condensation and undesirable consequences.

Get all elements of the roof in one place .In search of materials that are cheaper, you can spend a lot of time.If you order them in different stores, the cost of delivery at the expense of increase.Using elements of the roof from different manufacturers, you lose the guarantee.In addition, when integrated supply many firms do discounts.As a result, you do not win.But only spend more money and effort.

First of all, quality! In no case do not hire people unknown and untested.Be sure to check the object, the construction of this brigade, and ask the owner of the house as he liked builders.Better yet, look at the construction of this facility, together with a team of an architect who sees shortcomings as an expert, if they have