Harmony cottage and plot

By Admin | Building
23 May 2016

Harmony cottage and plot to understand and decide what the project is suitable for the site, you need to choose a location for the building.When the site is located far from the city, and the place where the land is not in vogue, the number of restrictions when building a house will be minimized.And if you can afford to buy a plot in liquid ways, you have to consider the factors which depend on the location of the site.

Site Selection

Before you build a house, you need to think about the surrounding space, its aesthetics and do not forget the practical side - the ability to sell if necessary.As the appetite comes with eating, and site owners do not limit your imagination, which is growing by leaps and bounds.After the construction of the house one wants to build a gazebo, sauna, swimming pool.Another needed a garage and a guest house, and if there is no room in the area, they are very upset.

requirements of the law

Consider the restrictions that impose local architectural supervision.Above all, these include the numb

er of floors and the area of ​​construction.For example, in the territories in which the committee is responsible for the protection of monuments, there are requirements to limit the area of ​​development, which should not exceed 25% of the size of the area.If you make an estimate, the area of ​​the house built on 12 acres should not exceed 300 square meters, and a two-story house with an attic.

Harmony cottage and plot addition to restrictions that are imposed by local authorities, there are requirements imposed SNIP.These include health, fire and other building codes that define the distance between the buildings, to the border area, to the road, etc.

But the surprises are just beginning.The fact is that if your neighbors have acquired land before you, and in order to save their land to build a cottage on the border of your sites, then you have no choice as to push his house on their structure at a distance provided SNIP.And if you have a small plot, then you have to limit the built-up area.

How many floors to build?

As the saying goes: the taste and color of the companion does not.How many floors will be at home, the site owner decides.Before the construction should be an estimate, because the most costly items of expenditure is the construction of the foundation, and how many stories you build depends on its size and cost, respectively.

Harmony cottage and plot If you build one-storey house in the style of "ranch" is not cheap.Also have to spend a lot of money and land.But if you need to build a summer cottage, then a wooden frame or a single-storey house suitable lightweight foundation that is justified and correct decision.

When building a winter home the best solution would be the construction of two three-storey buildings, which saves land area, and home heating costs less.The main thing is not to get involved and build "skyscrapers".According to experts of the real estate the greatest demand one-story and two-story house with a loft and three-storey houses on the demand is much lower.

If you look at this issue from the standpoint of construction costs, requires a high-rise building high-quality, and therefore expensive foundation.And if you have, for example, the five-story building, then run up and down you quickly get bored or have to build an elevator.In the Arkhangelsk region is home craftsman who built a 13-storey log house, but a house you are unlikely to sell.

Universal size

Harmony cottage and plot If we talk about some proportions homes on the site, then, with 12 acres of land, the house and the neighbors all the other delights of country life, you will approach the house, the total area of ​​which is not more than 20-25%from the area of ​​the site.

I want to say that if you want to live in the country, first of all, choose a place that you like.Because even the most luxurious home will not give you joy and pleasure of your stay in the nature, if your side quarrelsome neighbors, gaudy homes and featureless terrain.