Features mounting warmed Swedish plates

By Admin | Building
23 May 2016

One of the important advantages of this technology is the speed of construction.This was made possible thanks to the fact that simultaneously with the device warmed monolithic slab foundation comes the installation of engineering communications.On average, home base of the unit takes about a week.


Among other advantages warmed Swedish plates note perfectly flat surface that is ready for sanding after laying the finishing flooring - tile, laminate, etc.

At the same time installation of UWB is hardly cost-effective: There is less expensive technology devices foundations.However, experts note that the cost-effectiveness of this technology is shown later in the course of operation of the building.After a further feature of this foundation is sufficiently thick layer of insulation (20 cm), which provides good protection against heat loss.It is, accordingly, impact in reducing the cost of heating homes.

According builder Alexander Zemskov, this technology is preferably used in the presenc

e of an unstable foundation for building a house.

Due to the fact that the soil does not freeze at UWB, this foundation is well organized on heaving soils, as well as a high level of groundwater.In this case, the drainage site for the installation of UWB perform circular drainage.

device foundation

Installation UWB relatively uncomplicated and can be done on their own.But all the steps require careful preparation.You may have to attract professionals, for example, for the device warm floor, or laying of utilities.

Swedish stove requires a smooth base, so the first clearing the site and digging a pit.Then do bilayer pillow.To prevent rising moisture in the sand, the lower layer (15 cm) made of crushed stone gravel fraction 20-40, which serves as drainage.Then, pour a layer of sand of the same thickness, which creates a flat surface for laying polystyrene.

peculiarity of UWB is that the pipe under all utilities (sewer, gas, electricity, water) are laid on the sand cushion stage device, even when there is no visible outline of a house in a formwork.

to make the correct layout of the walls, take out house "in nature": pull the rope, that show where the interior walls.When the virtual home of the outlined ropes, you can properly place of communication.

device After sand cushion and a lining of communications along the perimeter of the future house perform the installation of the formwork.

boards instead preferred to use laminated plywood.

After installing formwork perform thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene.Insulation trail in two layers, the total thickness of 20 cm. Of the building has an outdoor terrace in U-shape.In order to separate her from the house and to conserve heat thermal barrier is made of polystyrene.

After laying polystyrene makes installation of reinforcement and ground.The valve 12 mm in diameter is fixed on a special stand.Grounding is a three brackets, which are driven into the ground and scald steel strip.This band is already fed to the shield.

The last stage is mounted pipes for water underfloor heating, which is connected to the collector.

prerequisite UWB is the presence of a low-temperature floor heating.

Now you can pour concrete.Better use of concrete.Pouring concrete into the ribs and the plate itself is performed simultaneously.Finished insulated Swedish plate allowed to stand 3-5 hours, then align the special tool.You can then remove the formwork.