Warming karkasnika: expert advice

By Admin | Building
23 May 2016

build a good and beautiful frame houses - it is only half the battle.It is important to make sure that it lived comfortably at any time of the year.But this is impossible without good insulation.

insulation works begin with caulking.A conventional sealed with polyurethane foam.It is not afraid of water, and, moreover, has the effect of bonding surfaces and materials.

External insulation cake

walls of the house are insulated with mineral wool.The two layers are laid with overlapping joints - one 10 cm thick, the second - 5 cm. Mineral wool is put in spacers between the uprights.

Outside packed with horizontal battens 5 cm, which are stacked mineral wool mats.Top mounted vapor permeable windscreen.

then made a horizontal crate a specific finishing material.At the top of the walls and between the boards are left air gaps.

sheathing thickness depends on the size of the wall: the higher it is, the greater the air space and therefore more - crate.

Inner Rooms'

Inside the house is wi

red oriented strand board.As is the case with external walls made additional vapor barrier.Above it is a sheathing material - lining.

Internal walls are decorated a little differently.On both sides of the wall is attached vapor barrier material.This is especially true for areas with high humidity.Vapor barrier is well sized, almost hermetically.Inside it is also rockwool.In this case, it performs more functions soundproofing than warming.Since the walls were prepared under the bunk, put on top of the wooden bridge, which is attached to the lining material.

According to Dmitry Suprun, do not be afraid of settling insulation in frame houses.It should examine the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the use of heat-insulating material in specific circumstances and under certain loads.But overall wall karkasnika three meters in height and does not require jumpers.They are attached only if the wall height exceeds the specified threshold.This is to ensure that the insulation is not settled under its own weight.

floor insulation

floor insulation is performed on the same principle, but with a few differences.The insulation material is placed between the lag for OSB 9 mm thick.Top crate is for mounting the sheet material.For this purpose, OSB 15 mm, which is fixed on top of the steam and waterproofing, followed by a topcoat.

roof insulation

poorly insulated roof frame house passes almost half of the heat.Therefore perform all elements of the roof insulation - battens, rafters and roof space.The insulation material should be moisture-proof, resistant to fire and temperature changes.In this case, also used mineral wool.As the foam, it is suitable for thermal insulation of pitched roofs.For flat roofs often used foamed polystyrene, which shift layer polyethylene vapor barrier.

roof of the house not insulated roof system, and on the perimeter of the attic.First insulated where is the ceiling of the first floor (25 cm).Further up the wall of the attic where the cake warming - the same as on the outer walls (20 cm).Then the insulation is on the slope of the roof up to the ridge.

When living in this unstable frame house - the owners come every weekend for heating will go from 12 to 15 thousand rubles a year.