Pergola with summer kitchen, furniture and barbecue

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22 May 2016

Arbour 4.5-6.5 m forumchanin dgusepe erected on the site of the demolished barn.The construction of the owner was preparing for a long time.In the sawmill has ordered a bar without a core, which is sawed and planed.Poles decided to put the frame directly on the old foundation.One corner of the gazebo, where planned kitchen with barbecue, built of brick and cinder block residues.In the future, this area host plastered stone.

Stove dgusepe laid out on their own, parallel processing board for trusses.Completed upper harness made lower and middle rails.First, all I planed, and then gave the tree structure grinder.

After beveled soaked plank in two layers.The frame was assembled in 45 hours.When the impregnation has dried, dgusepe drew markings on the pillars and the corners fastened to the rail.Then screwed the top and put the harness jib input.Established rafters, top fixing Progonnaya board.Issues forward to make curly, after working a jigsaw.

To structure boards for sheathing at forumchanin not

have the strength, so the tree removed chamfer and covered impregnation.The next day reported a pipe sticking out of the board cut the jigsaw.By sheathed with plywood sheathing 4 mm, which had been previously soaked.Then I lay a soft tiles.

to the bottom batten sawed lumber, prostrogat it was old and drove in size.All covered by impregnating again.By joists sewed planed board 100 mm and a quarter.

make the bottom flanging (gash timber at 45 degrees, colored in a single layer, in a half-tree gash and again painted), window frames manufactured.Spring nastrogal floor boards, pritortseval and processed antiseptic.Paul gazebo lay a finished board.Later I made produhi the apex.

Finish brick walls

Together with his son removed cashing.Wall washed with a hose, brush, thoroughly missed primer and fitted a grid.All stone spread on the linoleum and well washed with a metal and plastic brushes.Then dgusepe chopped pick sandstone plates 5-15 mm.Stone pasted to a conventional solution (1: 3) supplemented with 1 liter of PVA.Before applying the adhesive primer stone moistened.Solution to the stone put more strongly pressed veneer.After gluing the stone filled with a solution seams.Wire brush removed the excess solution and processed waterproofing composition "Hydrostop."

walls covered pergola forumchanin polycarbonate, but plans to reposition it inside to the outside sheathing decorated building.

also include further work: Fill blind area (old barn foundation gone underground, so dgusepe dug it paved the film for waterproofing and filled with sand), the installation of the doors at the entrance and the bridge in front of him.


to the backs of chairs dgusepe natortseval beam 950 mm at an angle of 2 degrees, the front feet in height 430 mm, cross member under the harnesses of the same size.Then prostrukturiroval tree.Chamfer milling cutter removed, simulating the work of a chisel.Bruce was old and processed sandpaper.All items collected on the adhesive and fastened with screws.Combined woodworking machines prepared board on the back and seat 10 seats needed 25 linear meters.

table forumchanin made 2,5h1 m in size. The preform for him for several years lay in the attic.Feet and took refurbish impregnation.For countertops otortseval two boards of 260 cm. Thicknessing machine replaced knives and planed wood.Boards laid on the floor and fit tightly to each other.Finished edges, cleared the bark of twigs, plastered "Tikurilloy."After drying putty polished it.The edges are made by hand, so that was a small bevel.The outer edge of a router handled as chairs.All boards painted.

dgusepe then engaged in side-bar.Prepared tsargi zatortseval in size and fastened with screws to the table.Embedded bars for mounting tabletops.They are not hiding, about 25 mm from the drawer side left stick.In the assembled drawer side frame laid out the board for trying.Then all the disassembled visible tsargi handled jig saws, routers, color and all gathered Son pressed top board and drew dgusepe screws.After assembling everything again to paint.


  • 11 boards on poles - 0.49 cubic meters;
  • board for trusses, handrails and cantrail 60h150 - 1 cubic meter;
  • board sill 50h150h6000 - 2 pieces;
  • board runs on the ridge 40h180h6000 - 2 pieces;
  • board for folding 50x50 - 70 n / m;
  • lining for flanging - 0.3 cubic meters;
  • board for the roof of 25 mm - 1 cubic meter;
  • plywood 4 mm - 42 m;
  • 14 packs of soft tile - 42 m;
  • 30 l infiltration "BIOTEX";
  • accessories: 36 parts, screws, 25 mm, 55 mm, 70 mm and 180 mm, nails;
  • floor board 40 mm - 0.6 cubic meters


  • jigsaw;
  • electricity and chainsaw;
  • large cast iron marking gauge;
  • hand planers;
  • combined woodworking machine (used as a horizontal mill and saw);
  • hand-mill;
  • trimming and others.

Garden was built for 254 hours.

on materials forum participant "Home and Cottage" dgusepe

Editor: Olga Travin