Winter gardens.

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22 May 2016

fashion for winter gardens are widely spread in the XIX century, it was connected with the appearance of the estates of the heating systems, which made it possible to create conditions suitable for heat-loving plants.Appeared in our time technical developments allow to make a winter garden is not just heated room, and high-tech facilities, which automatically maintain certain climatic conditions, double-glazed windows are blacked out when needed, there is a system of thawing snow on the roof.

But above all, it is necessary to define the terminology - not to be confused with a winter garden conservatory or greenhouse.Winter Garden - a room adjacent to the house, which is one of high-grade rooms of the house.Winter Garden, in essence, common room, very well illuminated due to the transparent roof, in a room you can sit with a book, chat with friends, just to admire the starry sky.

greenhouse or greenhouse are always separate from the house and are intended only for the production of plants.The greenhous

es are typically cultured vegetables and greenhouses used for growing flowers or a heat-loving fruit trees, such as orange or lemon.

The design of winter gardens, there are several basic styles, based on which designers create each individual look of the winter garden.The most versatile, suitable to any style of the building is a Victorian style.Winter Garden, created in this style, is trĐĹhluchevuyu or five-way design.The facade of the garden turns round, unlike the buildings in the Georgian style, in terms of having the shape of a square or rectangle.The design of the garden, which was built in the Georgian style, allows the efficient use of all the interior space.

Winter Garden Shed has a Mediterranean-style roof, it blends well with small, low houses.This design is very functional, may play a role glazed veranda.For larger buildings, designed in a classic style, suitable winter garden T-shaped style.Such a structure is symmetric, gable has a protruding middle and two side wings that facilitates uniform distribution of light.

Another style of P-type, is, in fact, a combination of Mediterranean and Victorian conservatory.A long room with a shed roof adjacent to the three- or five-way bay windows, interior space can be divided into two zones that allows you to create many interesting options for interior decoration.This style is versatile, but most organic garden this will be combined with a spacious mansion.

Regardless of the style, all conservatories are united by one design feature - a transparent roof of the complex form that requires careful calculation, inclined or domed roof design is required individually, taking into account wind, snow and static loads.Build a winter garden, prikinuv design "by eye" will not be possible, it is fraught with negative consequences.

to create load-bearing structures of the winter garden used profiles of different materials.The traditional Russian material - wood - is used as laminated veneer lumber, treated with antiseptic compositions.Recently there have been constructions combining wood and aluminum, in this case the metal timber to protect against weathering.Protective aluminum cover mounted so that the inside of the winter garden were visible frame of noble woods and aluminum parts were outside.

more popular conservatories erected with the use of aluminum profiles.Strictly speaking, this profile is not made of pure aluminum and an alloy, usually in the presence of magnesium alloy which gives strength, and silicon.Such profiles can withstand a greater load, which is very important for these heavy structures, like a winter garden.Aluminium sections painted in different colors, have an aesthetic appearance and do not require special care.

in the construction of winter gardens are two kinds of profiles - the "cold" and "warm".For a heated space is preferable, of course, the warm profiles having in its design special thermal barrier, made of polymeric materials.Its purpose - to separate the outer, cold, part of the profile from the inside, not missing the cold indoors.Also, the profile has a drainage channel, which drains the condensate.

more budget option is the winter garden made of PVC profile.However, choosing this type of profile, you need to take responsibility for the choice of materials, as low-quality profile will quickly lose the beautiful appearance and cracked.The best option would be a combination of aluminum profiles and reinforced steel frame PVC profile.

important points to remember when selecting a profile is that of a winter garden in any case can not be used window design, they are able to withstand wind load only and are not designed for more static and snow loads.You should buy specially designed glass constructions profiles.

Depending on the temperature and humidity, are supported in the conservatory, there are three types of such structures.In the winter garden, used all year round, the temperature must be maintained 20 - 25 degrees and a humidity of 70%.If you intend to actively use the garden during the summer season, in the colder months, you can maintain the temperature of only 15 degrees.In the winter garden, designed to accommodate the plants that need a dormant period during the cold season, sufficient temperature is 5 - 10 degrees.As the recreation room in the winter garden can be used such people who love refreshing coolness.

Depending on the temperature selected and the type of glass winter garden, laid in the calculations required level of resistance coefficient of heat transfer.At this stage the calculations determined what needed double glazing - single-chamber or dual-chamber, a glass is used, for example, whether there is a need to use low-E energy-saving glass.

It should be noted that ordinary window glass is not suitable for glazing conservatories.It is, firstly, it is unsafe, since broken, splits into large sharp pieces.Second, the glass window resists bad heat transfer, that is, during the cold season in the winter garden will be very cold, and in summer - too hot.

From a security standpoint preferably toughened glass, forming small pieces, without risk or triplex.Triplex is a laminate, which included a transparent polymer that prevents the destruction of the glass.Unfortunately, this glass is heavy, accordingly, its use entails the need to strengthen all the supporting structures.

If necessary, use insulating glass mirror, solntseotrazhayuschie, self-cleaning, and fire-proof and bullet-proof glass.To make decorative effects can be used in color or stained glass.

both low cost replacement of glass can be used polycarbonate plastic.This material has a honeycomb structure, good resistance to temperature variations and has a heat-saving properties.But this material has some fairly substantial, disadvantages.If polycarbonate is not applied protective coating against UV light, it soon becomes cloudy and covered with cracks.

Even Damage cover the danger of destruction, since this material is sensitive to mechanical damage, bad makes alkaline detergents and abrasives.In addition, polycarbonate is less transparent than glass, so people looking therethrough, discomfort may occur.Experts advise to the vertical walls of the winter garden still use glass.

Also wrong choice or glass Profile inexperienced masters attempt to build a winter garden may make other mistakes.The roofs of the complex and unusual shape can hold excessive amounts of snow, experts in this case we speak of "a snow bag".Excessive loads and leakage appearing in this case contribute to structural failure.The same result can cause poorly designed joints of dissimilar materials.

Wanting to save money DIY sometimes refuse unnecessary at first glance, the design elements: air vents, transoms, insulated doors.As a result, in a stuffy, poorly ventilated space is created for people uncomfortable and fatal to the plant microclimate.But the main mistake is the lack of a precise calculation of the weights of all the elements and the bearing capacity of the structure.