Types of fences for summer cottage

By Admin | Building
22 May 2016

Different styles in the fence

Each of us built a house on his summer cottage and garden or vegetable garden begins to reflect on the need for a beautiful and reliable protections for them.And here need to understand that the house and the fence should have a style.Moreover, this style of to be extended to the household structure, available on the site.Different houses and sites are also needed, and various protections.

Types of fences

For house brick walls treated with plaster, probably quite suitable massive plastered fence.If the architecture of the house there are columns, then the fence has to be with them, which will provide organic architectural ensemble.But if the house is made of wood, there has to be more appropriate a wooden palisade.

racks fence

When installing poles for the fence, particular attention should be paid to the soil in which they are installed.If the soil is clay, then a recess for reception should be 80 centimeters.For sandy soils need to make a hole depth of 1 meter, and possibly


themselves stand (supporting columns) are made of metal pipe round or square section of 50 millimeters or more.Racks - is the main design feature of any fence or barrier.In addition, they are metal and wood.To protect the wooden pillars of the decay processes necessary to make them special treatment.Such treatment may be burning coal to the layer or coating of the heated bitumen.

types of fencing

also for the protection of the suburban areas are often used wire structure when the wire is attached to the rack parallel to one another, and then another, and make a cross-shaped intersection perpendicular to the ground.

When installing a brick fence, be sure to pour the foundation.To dig the foundation trench depth of about 20 centimeters, and fill it with cement mixture.It is important to put the right bricks correctly produce grouting and to establish a quality layer for reinforcement.If these conditions are of poor quality, the bricks during operation will crumble.

Types of fences

use with brick decorative stone (sandstone, gravel, limestone) give fencing a noble and stylish look.Note that the thickness of the masonry mortar should be about 40 centimeters, and 8-10 meters must be installed to support the rack.

Another very popular in our view is a fence suburban areas mesh-netting.Mesh netting may be both regular and coated or galvanized.The average life span netting is about 30 years.

next type of fence - section metal manufactured at the factory.Its installation is typically performed by using the welding machine.Some produce assemble it with bolts.These fences have a long life, have good strength characteristics, have a very presentable appearance.But there are also a "minus" - they have a large enough value.

In the past, many used plastic enclosure made of PVC.These fences come in a variety of colors, you can collect them yourself and easily.Plastic enclosures are not subject to the processes of decay, there is no need to paint them.In addition, their service life is 25 years at temperatures from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees.

And finally, the last type of fencing that would like to see.It - Approved fences.They do of corrugated roofing sheets.Between Decking laid Penoizol or mineral wool.Mount these fences makes sense if the suburban area located close to any source of constant noise (the railway line, a lively motorway).

As you can see - the options of fencing for suburban area quite a lot and quite easy to choose one that is suitable for you