We are building a log house

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21 May 2016

In previous reviews, we began talking about the choice of materials for walls of houses.And if the two previous numbers heading "Projects. Construction. Repair. Building" were devoted to the construction of the walls of lightweight concrete and ceramic, with this release, we will try to help you to choose the building material for a wooden house of logs, timber, carriage.

So, where to begin construction of a wooden house?What you should know not to make critical mistakes that could undo all the benefits of wood construction, turning them into serious shortcomings?Round logs or chopped for use at home?Is it true that the quality of the logs from the "winter forest" is much greater than a log cut down at other times of the year?To answer these questions, for starters we recommend that you read the topic "FAQ. Wooden houses (questions / answers)."

If you want a more responsible approach to the construction of his house, to study in detail all the subtleties of wooden construction, then there can not

do without specialized literature, which you can find in the theme "Good books on construction."

"Everything is new - is well forgotten old."Especially in this ancient art, as the wooden architecture.It will help us learn the centuries-old experience of ancestors in the construction, operation and design of wooden houses "Great historical library of wooden construction."

If, after Read the material you still have questions, and before the opening of its own threads You still "not ripe", then you can safely ask them about "911 wooden houses. Ask your question consultants"

you have madea firm decision to build a house of logs.But here in front of you rises the following question: "what way will cut down your house?"After all, there are currently more than a dozen types of logging?More ways to get acquainted with cutting corners, slots and you can shkantovki logs in the topic "Russian. Canadian, Norwegian log cabin. What to choose?"

From that the purpose for which you build your house, seasonal holidays or year-round residence, independent and require a thermal properties of the walls of the house.How to determine the parameters of logs or lumber to build a house, you need to draw your attention?Hints can be found in the topic "Problems of selection of the optimal diameter of the log to log."

you finally decided on the building blocks for the walls.Now, select the material that will serve as thermal insulation, providing windproof joints logs.And here you will find the answer in our forum under the topic "mezhventsovogo insulation."And to help finalize your home to a comfortable year-round in him a thorough and competent "caulking".

And, of course, a hundred times better to see once than to hear.Therefore, we will introduce you with the experience of members of the forum, which are divided into the forum of its practice of building houses out of logs.

"It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than their own" - an indisputable truth.To do this, we recommend you the theme "Building the hut" where forum users tell about the construction of the house of chopped logs.At all stages of the construction due to lack of experience and knowledge has been admitted many mistakes, had to correct that during and after the construction.

example of a positive outcome, reasonableness of solutions and careful approach to the construction and decoration of the house for permanent residence throughout the year, our shares forumchanin eric the topic "Building a country house and a bathhouse."

experienced builder and consultant offline Petrovich tells us in detail and illustrate the history of the construction of the "House of the logs in the 176 sq. M" A theme "Potaskuns-hous." Chronicle of a dive brain "" tells us the story of how to try as closely as possible to plan and organize a fullthe cycle of building a house made of logs in order to save time and money.

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