Replacing old house

By Admin | The Hands
23 May 2016

To build a house you need to solve a lot of practical and aesthetic issues.It was in this situation, and there was one big and happy family, to which all of these issues were on the shoulder!

home Building a new home began with the demolition of the old.That's why the project does not fit the model, because everyone wants his room, though small, but on the ground floor or basement had to be abandoned for some reason.Studying the Internet for information about modern construction materials, the technology was found "Velox".After many calculations, both financial and time costs for the construction of houses on this technology, it was decided to use it up.

foundation for a house, first planned belt, but because of the lack of time to carry out communications, it was decided to make a raft foundation on bored piles to the New Year "box" was already finished.For major works have been invited to three workers.

to the demolition of the old building began 20.09.07g.After completion of the work, we began to make

the foundation.Piles (tapered tube) zaburivalis fixed to the top layer of soil and firmly connected beams.Was rented petrol drill, which made the work as a manual drill piles zaburivat much harder.According to the head of the family, which is itself directly involved in the installation of piles, the foundation turned 3+ apparently affected a five-year break in construction.

foundation After the two-week endurance foundation embarked on building walls Velox technology that involves the use of wood-cement boards, as monolithic formwork.The technology "Velox" the most difficult is the creation of the first series, which went to 1.5 days.The first row of concrete poured her to know how to behave formwork.Observing the technology should be left on top of 10 cm does not flooded and then everything will be fine, but in several places for the sake of the experiment all completely filled with concrete, formwork and start bursting.

After the first of a number of things have gone more fun, the weather is a little normal.They made a trough of 3 cubic meters, began to take concrete mixers.Work alternated as follows: 1.5 days placed formwork, half filled with concrete.At this rate, the first floor was made when the first snow fell.Construction even wanted to preserve until the spring, but the weather forecast, we decided to continue it.And do not make a mistake!However, the walls had to be covered by a film of snow.The second floor was laid heavier than 3 cubic meters.m laid for 3.5-4 hours.

When assembling formwork used screwdrivers and 75h4 mm screws for wood.Particularly practical was the use of screws.However, not all the seats were available for the screwdriver, not to mention the hammer, from the blows which installed plumb and level, the plate could move.If the screw on the other hand jumped plate, it could always be easy to unscrew and screw again where you want, but prodelyvat like to highlight very difficult.Kept prepared for the construction of slabs, mainly in the shelter (for film), as having absorbed moisture, they would become heavier, and there would be a distortion of angles.

After shuttering installed fittings which are placed between the inner and outer plates vertically 2-2.5 m three rod diameter of 12 mm.To ensure capacity formwork height of the walls, in the middle of plates welded established ties with diagonal elements.This created the support of internal and external plates.Ties were part of the great array of plates under the hammer.In order to prevent unwanted creases all ties, they had to hold.

per meter installed four formwork ties.For the same purpose can be used with the formwork greater thickness.At the same time span for the staged construction of doors and slopes, as plates made of Velox.After installing metal fittings and couplers void filled with concrete formwork.

could choose from several ways to fill concrete formwork: Fill out the truck, concrete pump or crane and tub.Use more concrete, if it is not free, it is not profitable, because it is very difficult to fill floor, formwork should be well secured, and the geometry of the walls will be difficult to sustain.If for concrete not have to pay, you can pour layers of two rows and the formwork in this case do not need additional attachment.Rent Concrete autumn worth about 20 000 rubles.Change, duration 8 hours (+ 1 hour on the road) cost $ 400, and to fill the entire floor takes about 3-4 hours.So we decided to mix concrete by hand, filling times are 3.5-4 cu.m for 5-6 hours, and if brought concrete mixer, then the same amount of work done per hour 2.5-3.5.

experience working with non-replaceable plates were not and therefore it was decided to try to fill in the first row of concrete manual way to estimate how keeps formwork.Pouring concrete layer height does not exceed 50 cm (for experienced workers is not a problem and shading above).In the first row the four walls of the house took about one and a half working days.Kept time until solidification of each layer of the concrete, as it is provided that the required strength of rebar and the lack of shells.

walls All communication engineering systems of the building housed in the formwork and wiring laid into the furrows made with her inside.After the end of construction of the first floor, went to the overlaps.It was decided to use a slab of wood.Using wooden beams carried out according to the rules, which proved to be the most practical and guarantee the absence of major repairs of the decade.In addition, the price of the above ceilings, compared favorably with the prices of other materials.Wooden beams used to set up the pillars.

After installing floors, have begun laying the casing of the second floor of the building, which took about one and a half days, and spent 20 sq.m building material.The first difficulty is that once there is a process to raise the height of the second floor of the concrete formwork for filling voids.Almost 4:00 stacked 3 cu.m of concrete.One could, of course, buy concrete mixer, which prepares and delivers concrete compressor through the hose, but this equipment would be very costly and the construction of one house would not pay.However, when renting a mixer, if it were possible, the construction of the house would be finished much faster.

laying on the walls of the house of about 160 square meters.m, the system Velox, took about eight days (excluding the time spent on the fill voids with concrete blocks).In general, in the laying of the foundations and walls with four workers, it took about 66 days (with an area of ​​two floors of 250 square meters.), And this despite the fact that weather conditions meet the requirements of construction technology.Walls were ready on 1 December!It was possible to meet in a much shorter time, with certain skills and experience in the construction of buildings using monolithic permanent formwork.

roof After the construction of the box home, moved to the installation of the roof structure, which could be a configuration or a single-pitch gable, most importantly, it must have had a bearing part redistributes the load of wind, snow and self-weight of the supports and walls.The roof has turned fireproof, durable, fully waterproof and hopefully protecting shelter from rain and atmospheric phenomena.All these parameters have been provided to choose the right material for the roof.When installing the roof of the building turned out to be a major issue selection method of waterproofing.The chosen waterproofing material is a film indispensable device when pitched and flat surfaces.Its main task - to protect the thermal insulation layer from moisture.

So, until the end of May it is planned to complete all earthworks, sewers and water hold in the house, to make the surface drainage and blind area, as well as the foundations for the boiler room and porch.According to the head of the family, after the installed windows, the house has got a completely different view - almost a real home.I wish that this year in the house could hear the voices of four children in the area were lawns and flower beds, and the whole family listened to the evening in the garden of the singing of birds and crickets chirping.This would be a happiness that is still to come!