Originality: fill wells

By Admin | The Hands
23 May 2016

technology unit well with the help of rings in this case is not suitable, because the soil in the area - peat of 1.2 meters and 3 meters begins a very strong sand quicksand, there is the danger of "miss" in the direction of the ring.In this case, need rings or locks, or a monolith.The technology on which the well filled alex_dor, cost less, which is important.An additional complication is that because of the location of the site you need to move the car in reverse almost 800 meters, not everyone will agree to carry the goods to the site.

well well
By pouring alex_dor well prepared as follows:

  • cut from a roll of metal strip along the circumference of the mandrel, they turned 3 on the outer mandrel 3 and the inner ring edit;
  • on a sheet of hardboard drew a circle the size of the future of the well;
  • put the first sheet precisely in a circle, to lock it in order not to disclose, then put the top sheet and welded them together;
  • sheets around dock with overlaps of 30 cm and vertically welded fence t
    o make it easier to align the sheets with the interchange;
  • prepared by six boards a size equal to the height of the mandrel ring, and 12 pieces of size slightly smaller than the diameter of the inner ring mandrel.

well well well
process of making the well consisted of the following stages:

  • alex_dor circle dug in the ground, absorbed by 20 cm in the ground;
  • individually wrapped ring mandrel 2 film to cement does not adhere (although, as it was then shown, and so departs normal);
  • mandrel inserted inside the ring and using a winch not put it on top of the outer mandrel;
  • mandrel inserted into the inner spacer from boards not to vognulo inside;
  • outer mandrel wrapped tie straps from the truck;
  • put the mixer and began to fill;
  • from the second between the rings exposed grid 10 * 10 per flat (smog) away from the ring, complicates the process of pouring concrete;
  • after the concrete has set before stripping strength, he took the board from the inner mandrel and spreading a little butt edges of sheets, reducing the diameter freed shuttering;
  • hooked winch inner mandrel, lifted her up, but so that it is 30 cm piece engages the flooded pit;
  • put back brace inner mandrel, put the net, and also raised the outer frame.

resulting product periodically break through and descend.As a result, work on the original technology has turned out well 4 meters deep.And, most importantly, we got a monolith.We stayed alex_dor mandrel from the rings, he hopes to use it in the future to fill the other wells.